Why is eating early good for your health?

A balanced diet is a true source of well-being. But it is also an excellent means of protection against excess cholesterol, diabetes or obesity… In short, it promotes heart health.

But according to researchers from INRAE, the Barcelona Global Health Institute, Inserm and the Sorbonne-Paris-Nord University, the plaque content alone is not enough. Eating time is also important.

Before 8am and no later than 8pm.

By tracking more than 100,000 participants in the NutriNet-Santé cohort, scientists observed that those who ate breakfast late had a cardiovascular risk increase of 6% with each hour that passed. For example, those who eat breakfast at 9am are 6% more at risk than those who eat breakfast at 8am. For those who have a snack at 10 am, this risk increases by 12%…

The same goes for dinner. Those who eat dinner after 9 p.m. see their risk of stroke increase by 28 percent compared to those who eat before 8 p.m., “particularly in women,” the authors note.

What explanation?

It’s hard to say, as this is just observational work. However, as Dr. Bernard Sour, from INRAE’s Human Nutrition department, explains to us, “several hypotheses are available to us: food intake synchronizes the internal clocks, or circadian rhythms, of the different organs of the body, influencing in particular cardiometabolic functions such as blood pressure regulation. »

“Additionally, our insulin sensitivity is best early in the morning and we are more insulin resistant at night. This makes it harder for our bodies to metabolize food at night. Data from randomized clinical trials have also shown greater glucose intolerance, insulin resistance and a worse lipid profile when melatonin is high, i.e. at night. Finally, we know the link between skipping breakfast and gaining weight. Which goes in the same direction as our results”, adds the expert.

The researchers, however, specify that more work is needed.

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