Who was eliminated in the quarter finals?

There are only four candidates left in the running for the title of Best Pastry Chef! Find out who was eliminated this Wednesday, November 29th.

The quarterfinals of Best Pastry Chef season 12 put Latin America in the spotlight. For the first test, Cyril Lignac asked candidates to revisit a dessert with coffee. “To complicate matters, I put dessert in your refrigerators to accompany everyone’s coffee. I want bitterness and deliciousness”, demanded Cyril. Thibaut shone once again during this test, making a trompe l’oeil cannelé with sweets and coffee. “The cut is magical. It’s very, very good!”, exclaimed the jury. Fanny also seduced Cyril and Mercotte with dessert based on hazelnut financier and Bavarian coffee. Emily and Bertrand, however, did not convince Cyril and Mercotte and suffered a failure.

For the second test of the night, the candidates had to reproduce the favorite dessert of children in Latin America: the Churros Cake, a cake made with soft cinnamon biscuits, churros and dulce de leche. Emily came in last place in the event, just behind Bertrand. Thibaut came third in the race, while Julia came second. Fanny continues her momentum and takes first place !

For the creative test, the amateur bakers had to make a pinata cake containing a treasure, under the eyes of the chef confectioner Sandra Ornelas. The guest of the week awarded Júlia with her favorite, who made a llama-shaped cake made up of fluffy peanut cake, mango and passion fruit confit and borrachito chocolates. “There was a lot of balance, a touch of acidity and the crunch of peanuts… It was a great achievement!” The blue apron was awarded to Fanny and Bertrand was eliminated.

Which Best Pastry Chef candidate was eliminated?

Each week, one candidate is eliminated from Best Pastry Chef. Here are the identities of the amateur bakers who have already left the adventure:

  • Week 1: Ricardo and Lilou
  • Week 2 :Christelle
  • Week 3 : Monica
  • Week 4 :Ahmet
  • Week 5 : Clemency
  • Week 6: David (finally back in week 10)
  • Week 7 : Kheredine
  • Week 8 : Ninon (voluntary departure)
  • Week 9 :Hafidou
  • Week 10 : Chantal
  • Week 11 :David
  • Week 12 : Bertrand

What’s new in Best Pastry Chef Season 12?

If Cyril and Mercotte are still the masters of ceremonies of the Best Pastry Chef beside Maria Portolano, candidates should be amazed by the many new features of this season 12. O Cyril’s challenge slightly alters the formula to get back to basics. To this end, the leader appealed to the French to ask them what their favorite dessert. Lemon pie, tiramisu, pudding… Week after week, the amateur pastry chefs will have to revisit simple everyday desserts to convince Cyril and Mercotte that they deserve their place in the competition.

The Mercotte technical test is also slightly modified and becomes… The surprise technical test ! Each week, Mercotte will ask candidates to take on a different challenge, sometimes without a recipe, just for the sake of it, or after following a masterclass or a little advice revealed by a great pastry chef. “They will give simple tips that viewers will definitely want to replicate at home,” guarantees M6. For the first time, Mercotte will even get involved and give candidates a masterclass to reproduce a recipe from his famous grimoire. Another surprise: Mohamed, emblematic candidate of the 10th season, will also be present in the theme of deception.the eye.

As for the creative testthe concept remains the same, with guest chefs familiar with the show like Christophe Michalak or Pierre Hermé, but also some new faces like Jade Genin. “The event will have its share of emotions, great achievements but also disasters”, summarizes M6.

Additionally, for the first time, candidates will step outside the traditional tent setting to create an outdoor test, at the Disneyland Paris magical park ! Finally, the Mercotte parallel competition will also be back and will allow an eliminated candidate to return later in the official competition.

Who are the candidates for Best Pastry Chef 2023?

This year, 16 amateur confectioners are at the starting line. Lilou, Kheredine, Richard, Ninon, Hafidou… Meet the new candidates who will delight you over the weeks:

Who makes up the jury for Best Pastry Chef?

Like always, Cyril and Mercotte will be the jury members for this 12th season of Best Pastry Chef. Of course, they will be supported by many renowned pastry chefs, such as Pierre Hermé, Christophe Michalak and Jade Genin.

Who presents The Best Pastry Chef?

After having proven his worth in the first two seasons with amateurs and then with professionals, Maria Portolano is back for the 12th season of Best Pastry Chef. The hostess must still delight us with her humor and good humor. However, this will be his last season.

Who are the winners of Best Pastry Chef?

For 11 years, as you can imagine, a large number of candidates have already won the title of “Best Pastry Chef”. For the more nostalgic among you, we’ve rounded up the list of winners for Best Pastry Chef from the first season.

Where can I find the Best Pastry Chef replay?

The M6 ​​channel and its service 6play allow you to watch the missed episode even weeks after broadcast. This will give you time to take notes and become a culinary ace.

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