What You Should Order at Subway, According to Nutrition Experts

In the “fast food” category, if you had to choose to eat somewhere: it would be Subway, according to nutritionists. For the simple reason that it is possible choose what you want to put on your sandwich, including the type of bread. At least that’s what nutrition experts say. from Fox Newsand in particular nutrition professor Joan Salge Blake, from Boston University, author of “Nutrition & You”, as well as nutritionist Christopher Mohr.

Meats to select at Subway

To create your sandwich well, let’s start by selecting the right protein, which allows you to be “settled” at the end of the meal. Ideally, it would be necessary stick to lean proteins offered at Subway: roast beef, chicken or turkey, experts note. The roast beef sandwich contains 310 calories and has the advantage of being “ low in saturated fats that are harmful to the heart », highlights Blake as an example.

Which bread to choose, which vegetables?

Fast food offers two sizes: 15cm or 30cm of bread. The first option would be the best, choosing multigrain bread for more fiber. Then, it should be garnished with other fibers, with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers. They advise us to opt for as many vegetables as possible to accompany the meat.

Another example of a sandwich they recommend is the “Veggie Delite” (the brand’s recipe where you don’t choose the ingredients), which contains 210 calories in the small size and 430 in the large size. But it would have the disadvantage of not having proteins and not being ideal for stabilizing blood sugar levels, they point out anyway. To stop feeling hungry, you can add strips of chicken, tuna or even oven-roasted turkey.

What if you chose a bowl instead of a sandwich?

At Subway, you can also order it to be served in a bowl, opting for a kind of salad THEN. Nutritionists then advise taking the “normal” size and adding the roast beef protein, which would represent a total of 190 calories (without cheese). A good idea would be add black beans, they finally notice. In all cases, the principle remains the same: fiber and protein for a balanced meal.

Source: Fox News

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