What original dishes for New Year’s Eve following Swiss tradition?

Looking for a way to celebrate the end of the year in style? Switzerland offers a multitude of options for every palate during New Year’s Eve. Either a traditional raclette or fondueyou will definitely find a gourmet and gourmet menu. Discover our festive meal suggestions to celebrate this magical night.

Unmissable: Raclette and Swiss Fondue

No one can talk about New Year’s Eve menu in Switzerland without mentioning the country’s emblematic dishes : raclette and fondue. These two specialties have the advantage of bringing guests together around a table where they can enjoy cheeses melted over a fire, accompanied by cold meats, potatoes and pickles. Preparation is simple and a friendly atmosphere is guaranteed.

Raclette: simple pleasures

Raclette is generally consumed through a specific device that allows the cheese to be melted directly onto the food. The cheeses used are mainly “Raclette de Valais AOP” for their superior quality, but several other varieties bring more flavors to your dish. It’s possible reinvent traditional raclette by combining different grilled vegetablessuch as mushrooms, peppers or zucchini and even smoked fish.

Cheese fondue: the Swiss gourmet version

Fondue is without a doubt the emblematic dish of the Swiss art of living during the festivities. Often accompanied by white wine flavored with garlic and spices, fondue is enjoyed with fresh bread dipped in the hot mixture. There are also revisited fondues, without alcohol and with surprising flavors, where you can add, for example, cumin, curry or paprika for an exotic variation.

Appetizers inspired by Swiss specialties

Let yourself be seduced by these different varieties of snacks prepared with Swiss charcuterie, such as Grisons jerky, Black Forest ham and many others, accompanied by dried or candied fruit. The toasts topped with goat cheese, apricots, walnuts and honey will also be a hit with guests. For fish and seafood lovers, opt for salmon verrines with avocado, dill and lemon shrimp.

Exquisite main dishes for an exceptional New Year’s Eve

Tournedos Rossini: when luxury meets gastronomy

Tournedos Rossini is a French preparation, but it has seduced Swiss palates. This festive recipe combines the nobility of beef and foie gras with the sweet notes of seasonal truffles. Accompanied by mashed potatoes with truffles and hazelnut oil, this exquisite dish promises a memorable New Year’s Eve.

Fish papillotes with champagne: magical and light cuisine

The fish papillotes are delicately cooked in a mixture of champagne and crème fraîche, accompanied by seasonal vegetables. They will enhance the festive flavors while being more digestible than the other options described so far.

Sumptuous desserts for a moment of indulgence

In Switzerland, the change of year is celebrated with sweets that will delight young and old alike!

Snowy Monte Blanco

A true symbol of the Swiss winter, the snow-covered Mont Blanc is an icy creation combining chestnuts, chestnut cream and crumbly meringue, topped with a cloud of vanilla whipped cream. An ideal dessert to end your New Year’s Eve meal with a magical, crunchy touch.

Roasted Oranges: a brilliant end to the year

This traditional Swiss dessert highlights oranges and marjoram for a light finish. Covered in a mixture of brown sugar, butter and brandy, these oranges are baked in the oven, releasing all their sweet and tangy flavors.

New Year’s Eve is a once-in-a-year opportunity to share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Whatever your choice between these different gourmet menus, know that the main ingredient of happiness continues to be conviviality, complicity and small attentions between friends or family. With this collection of cooking suggestions, you are ready for this exceptional evening!

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