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FALL RIVER — It’s time for Round 3, aka the Final Four, of our head-to-head tournament to determine our favorite iconic Fall River food.

Voting started two weeks ago and in the narrowing we’ve narrowed down our original list of 16 classic Spindle City dishes to four, you’ve knocked out classics like the Coney Island hot dog, grilled cheese sandwich, Patti’s Pierogis, and Venus de Milo soup. Now it’s time to determine which two classic dishes will face off in the final.

Voting will open every Wednesday for three weeks and close on Sundays. Here are your competitors. Keep scrolling to vote!

Fall River's iconic food basket for round three

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Chorizo ​​and fries vs. Lebanese meat pie

In the first round of voting, chorizo ​​and fries edged out chow mein for sandwich supremacy 62% to 37% and Lebanese meat pie beat French meat pie 66% to 33%.

As the two dishes advanced to the second round of voting, the chorizo ​​and fries beat the caçoila, 56% to 44%, and the Lebanese meat pie dominated the grilled cheese sandwich, 65% to 35%.

Chorizo ​​sandwich and fries.

Chorizo ​​and French fries: The classic English fish and chips gets a Portuguese twist with spicy sausage sliced ​​into slices instead of seafood. The best way to eat chorizo ​​and chips, of course, is to pack the chips and chorizo ​​into a hearty roll.

Trays of Lebanese meat pies for sale at Sam's Bakery in Fall River.

Lebanese meat pies: Immigrants from the Middle East brought the Lebanese meat pie, a triangular package of fluffy, bread-like pastry filled with minced meat that bursts with flavor.

Now who will move on to the finals?

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