Top 5 Best Detox Cures and Buying Guide 2021: How to Choose the Best?

Top 5 of the best detox cures

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Supplements for the digestive system: Organic Complex

Organic Complex Supplement ©Amazon

At a time when the modern lifestyle exposes our body to an incessant flow of toxins from a dense diet, daily stress, pollution, tobacco and alcohol, signs of fatigue, intestinal disorders and dull complexion appear. Faced with this reality, detox healing is an essential response. The organic detox formula, the result of the synergy of four natural active ingredients, offers deep detoxification by acting on the entire digestive system, supporting the kidneys, intestine and liver. Suitable after holidays, during seasonal changes or to prepare the body before a diet, the organic detox complex revitalizes and regenerates the body. With a one-month course, three capsules per day, this solution is your ally for optimal health. Supported by recognized French expertise, Nutrimea products, designed in France, are the result of a careful selection of the best components, without GMOs, gluten, stearate, starch, lactose, or synthetic or chemical excipients. With ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certification, the commitment to quality and safety is uncompromising for your well-being.

A tea to improve intestinal flora: Happy Detox Tea

Happy Detox Tea
Happy Detox Tea ©Amazon

Colon Cleanse offers a natural and quick solution to restore intestinal balance. By eliminating waste accumulated in the colon, this herbal tea rebalances the intestinal flora, thus promoting the digestion of fluids, regulating transit and reducing discomforts such as bloating and flatulence. Composed of 100% natural ingredients such as Yunnan Puerh tea to eliminate toxins, ginger to promote digestion and Senna leaves to act on digestion and transit, Colon Cleanse offers a beneficial cure. To be consumed every night after dinner, each order includes 14 silk pyramid sachets, providing two cups per sachet to revitalize the body and restore intestinal vitality.

For a liver detox: SIPF oral solution

SIPF Detox Supplement
SIPF Detox Supplement ©Amazon

The artichoke, often underestimated, contains polyphenolic compounds with proven benefits for the liver. These polyphenolic derivatives, present in ideal concentrations in the fresh plant, play a crucial role in digestive regulation. By promoting the regulatory activity of the digestive system, Artichoke proves to be an invaluable asset for detoxifying the body and stimulating the effective elimination of bile.

In addition to its action on the liver, artichokes improve digestion and are a recommended remedy in cases of chronic constipation. Its ability to facilitate digestive processes makes it a great ally for optimal gastrointestinal health.

A tea to strengthen the immune system: Panda Tea

panda tea
Panda tea ©Amazon

At the heart of this detox trend comes an exceptional tea, branded by a pharmacist specializing in phytotherapy and nutrition. This creation culminates with plants certified as organic by Ecocert, offering an elixir not only known for stimulating natural defenses, but also for promoting lactation thanks to its galactogenic properties. The superior quality of the 28 bags sewn by hand in a French workshop goes far beyond a simple infusion, offering an artisanal experience with each tasting. In symbiosis with its internal benefits, this tea embodies a strong commitment to the environment as a member of the “1% for the planet” network, ensuring that each purchase contributes to crucial environmental initiatives, thus giving an ethical dimension to this multifaceted drink.

This detox tea, the result of an alliance between pharmaceutical knowledge and respect for the environment, subtly balances gustatory pleasure, health benefits and social responsibility. Its certified composition and commitment to environmental causes make it much more than a drink: a holistic and conscious experience, transforming each cup into a sensorial and ethical journey.

An antioxidant tea: Origins Hibiscus

Original Hibiscus Tea
Origins hibiscus tea ©Amazon

Hibiscus flowers certified organic by ORIGEENS reveal a new dimension in the world of infusions. Grown without the use of chemicals, these flowers offer much more than just gustatory pleasure. Its digestive virtues, its thirst-quenching properties and its richness in antioxidants make this infusion an asset for health. Whether for a detox cure or to enhance your cocktails and culinary creations, Hibiscus is presented under different names such as Bissap or Karkadé. Carefully selected, these Hibiscus flowers from Egypt guarantee a unique taste experience, as captivating in hot infusion as in iced tea, conveying the commitment to quality of this French brand founded by enthusiasts.

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How to choose your detox treatment?

  • The goal: detoxification, as vital maintenance of the body, aims to free the kidneys, liver and intestines from toxic accumulation coming from both the inside of the body and the external environment. Compared to regular car maintenance to prevent engine clogging, it seeks to eliminate harmful residues that cause fatigue, digestive problems and weakened immunity. In addition to these benefits, detoxing has positive results such as increased energy, improved physical and mental well-being, better quality sleep, glowing skin, and strengthened immune and metabolic systems. However, it is essential to emphasize that weight loss, although possible, should never be the main objective of this approach, with the priority remaining the restoration of internal balance for optimal health;
  • The duration : given the restrictive model of detoxification, it is essential to respect a duration of 1 to 7 consecutive days at most. Very low in calories, detox does not provide the necessary daily intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals and causes our body to lose a lot of water: that is why it is important to drink at least 1.5L of water per day and respect the recommended duration. Note that the idea is not to go on a detox diet several times a year, but rather to adopt a healthy diet on a daily basis and listen to your body performing a detox when it asks for it, after large meals, for example;
  • The type of ingredients : O juice detox, whole organic fruits or vegetables are emerging as popular alternatives. With their high fiber content, these methods provide a recharge of antioxidants and micronutrients, promoting a feeling of increased well-being and energy. Focusing on a whole fruit or vegetable consumed throughout the process, accompanied by lemon juice, water and unlimited tea, these detoxes require little culinary effort. Among them, popular practices are emerging such as grape detox, known for its ability to strengthen the immune system, or even banana detox, promoting satiety and contributing to weight loss when consumed in perfect ripeness. Another variation, centered on lemon, actively supports the liver, facilitating the breakdown of fats, improving digestion and stimulating kidney activity. On the other hand, the liver-targeted detox focuses on the use of certain substances to optimize liver function. By focusing on black radish for detoxification and artichokes for stimulation, this approach aims to help the liver with its essential functions. Herbal teas such as ginger, turmeric and rosemary mixture or dandelion leaves are recommended to eliminate toxins and improve bile functions. Additionally, plants like nettle, chlorella, and linden are known for their purifying properties, offering a variety of options for detox enthusiasts. Finally, sugar free detox, focusing on the elimination of sugary and industrial products, seeks to reduce the harmful impacts of sugar on health. During the first week, the goal is to banish these products while maintaining your intake of natural carbohydrates from starchy foods, honey, agave, and maple syrup. The second week focuses on low glycemic index carbohydrates, promoting better nutritional balance and moderate control of sugar levels in the body. This approach aims to reduce the risks associated with excessive sugar consumption, often associated with various diseases and chronic fatigue, while promoting better stress management.

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