the Ultenic K10 oil-free fryer at half price

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For lovers of healthy and practical cooking, the Ultenic K10 oil-free fryer looks particularly interesting, especially since it is on sale for 65.99 euros instead of 129.99 euros.

The Ultenic K10 stands out for its versatility. It allows you to prepare a wide variety of dishes, from steaks to seafood, snacks and even cakes and pizzas. Its hot air cooking technology guarantees healthy preparation, reducing the use of oil by up to 75% compared to traditional methods. Thus, it offers a healthier alternative without compromising the taste of the food.

The ergonomics of this fryer are also worth highlighting. Its touch-sensitive LED screen makes its use intuitive and pleasant. Choosing the program and cooking time becomes child’s play. Its 5L (1.2 kg) capacity makes it ideal for families, capable of preparing meals for several people in a single round. Its elegant and compact design allows it to easily fit into any kitchen.

Additionally, the Ultenic app offers access to over 100 original recipes as well as personalized recommendations. This is especially useful for kitchen beginners, allowing them to start preparing meals with ease.

On sale for €65.99 on the Ultenic website

Ultenic currently offers a Quick sale very interesting in the Ultenic K10 oil-free fryer. Thanks to this flash sale, the price is reduced to 65.99 euros (excluding optional shipping guarantee subscription). A significant aspect is that when using the standard delivery method, shipping costs are included in the price.

This discount is available without the need for any discount coupon. To take advantage, simply access This page and add the product to your cart. To guarantee the transaction, on timely receipt of the ordered item, but also on its good quality, you have the possibility of payment by PayPal. Note: As is often the case with flash sales, the latter are limited. The discount may therefore end at any time.

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