The chef who spices up Maurice with The Yellow Chilli

Immerse yourself in the exquisite universe of flavors of Indian “Master Chef” Sanjeev Kapoor, where flavors and conviviality merge masterfully. Discover how the culinary maestro behind The Yellow Chilli spiced up Maurice’s charm with an unforgettable touch of spice and delight.

A leading figure in global cuisine, Sanjeev Kapoor had a profound impact on audiences in the 1990s as the beloved host of “Khana Khazana.” Your contagious and famous smile “Namak Swad Anusar” made him a popular chef in homes, propelling this program as the longest-running in the culinary field.

Beyond the screen, Sanjeev Kapoor’s culinary journey is marked by innovation. His notable achievements include being awarded the title of “Master Chef”, and his status as a best-selling author, owner of the FoodFood TV channel and restaurant owner. He has reinvented Indian cuisine, winning several global awards, including the prestigious Padma Shri in 2017.

His passion for innovation is evident at Wonderchef, a brand that transforms Indian kitchens and cooking equipment. His recent innovations include co-founding Tiny Chef and diving into artificial intelligence and machine learning cuisine, where Sanjeev Kapoor is shaping the future of cooking. Across Sanjeev Kapoor Academy, He generously shares his expertise, strengthening the experience of culinary enthusiasts around the world.

In SK’s dynamic restaurant scene, The Yellow Chilli stands out as a model of culinary excellence, with a strong presence in 29 operating restaurants – 11 internationally and 18 across India. His influence extends further as he is also involved in other culinary ventures such as Suravie Live it Up, Hong Kong, Signature and Khana Khazana, all of these restaurants helping to weave his culinary charm into each venture. Sanjeev Kapoor’s journey is not just about creating unique recipes; is a story that brings people together through the universal language of food, one delicious dish at a time.

Exclusive interview with “l’express”

In an exclusive interview with Express, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor shared some key elements of his journey, his fame as “Master Chef”, and its mission to make cooking easy and enjoyable for everyone. “As a chef, my mission is to make cooking simple and enjoyable for everyone. My culinary journey began at a young age, fueled by a deep passion for food. Over the years, I honed my skills, leading to the success of Khana Khazana, the first television show that truly made me a household name. The success of that program propelled me toward continued growth, and people’s unconditional love and support still fills my heart with gratitude to this day. It’s an honor to be admired by so many people who share the same passion for cooking. Through my TV shows, cookbooks, and restaurants, my goal is to simplify cooking and inspire others to have fun in the kitchen. Grateful for this incredible support, I continue to share the joy of food with people all over the world.”

“The Yellow Chilli, not just a restaurant”

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor continues: “Yellow Chilli is my global culinary adventure, bringing the vibrant flavors of India to the world. This franchise goes beyond being just a restaurant: it is the embodiment of my vision for contemporary Indian cuisine.” Our culinary concept, he says, harmoniously combines traditional Indian recipes with modern cooking techniques. The menu highlights the rich diversity of Indian flavors, offering a unique and delicious dining experience. “To name just a few of our signature dishes, there is the ‘Shaam Savera’ and the nutritious ‘Lalla Mussa Dal’, not forgetting desserts like the ‘Gulab-e-Gulkand’. Every dish is a story and every meal is a journey through India’s incredible palette of flavors, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for diners around the world.”

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As regards Mauritius, he speaks of “a place of incredible charm and warm hospitality that definitely has a unique way of capturing everyone’s heart.” The chef confides that this connection even led him to decide to set up The Yellow Chilli in Mauritius (see highlight) “because I felt a deep affinity with the vibrant culture of the island and the genuine friendliness of its people. This new venture will undoubtedly be a great novelty and I am confident that people will embrace the restaurant’s vibrant culinary culture, just as they have always welcomed me with open arms.

When it comes to quality, staff and cuisine, the approach in Mauritius is based on a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) strategy. “We are committed to delivering superior service through the QSR model, ensuring efficiency and maintaining the authentic and flavorful experience that Yellow Chilli is known for. Our aim continues to be to maintain a well-equipped kitchen to offer a pleasant, quick dining experience in harmony with the spirit of Mauritius.”

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Vishesh Horril, “Outlet Manager” at The Yellow Chilli in Tribeca: “when tradition and innovation meet…”

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Vishesh Horril is the outlet manager of the first Yellow Chilli in Mauritius, which recently opened at Tribeca Mall and is already attracting people. Behind the brand is the exceptional journey of Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who, with Mauritian partners, set out to conquer the place. Explosion of flavors in perspective.

“Our journey to bring you the most popular Sanjeev Kapoor restaurant brand started around 18 months ago. Yellow Chilli offers a true culinary tour of India with destinations that highlight each region’s signature dishes, with exotic options from the Punjab and Mughal regions.
advances Vishesh Horril.

The Outlet Manager of the first Yellow Chilli in Mauritius confides that Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is already part of Mauritian families, not only because he is a renowned chef, but also because he is the pioneer of cooking shows on television. “During our childhood, we always watched their shows or watched our mothers and grandmothers try their Khana Khazana recipes. It is therefore important to bring its authentic flavors back to Mauritius. During this trip, we had the opportunity to delight our taste buds with mouth-watering curries and kebabs from Yellow Chilli in UAE and experience the vast differences in terms of uniqueness in taste, all indulging in Indian flavors. The ‘Smoked Pepper Butter Chicken’, the Dum Ghost biryani or the Malai broccoli fondue – I’m sure you can smell them already!”

As a franchise, standards and quality control are at the forefront to ensure customer satisfaction, says Vishesh Horril. And this requires skilled chefs from India to transport customers to different corners of India. “It’s been a difficult task for us, but ultimately, in food jargon, food can change your mood. We will continue to improve the customer experience and keep customers at the center of our concerns. It’s a new beginning and we hope the Yellow Chilli brand spreads its presence across the island in the coming years. Meanwhile, my team and I are waiting for you to embark on this culinary odyssey where tradition meets innovation, under the direction of the one and only Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.”

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