The best spots for a comforting coffee

The shortening of the days and low temperatures peppered with humidity can only encourage us to give in to Hygge. By definition, it is a Danish and Norwegian term for an atmosphere of comfort and contentment.

So, who doesn’t like a place that gives them a feeling of comfort and well-being?

During winter outings, finding the best coffee is a mission for many Luxembourg residents. And often, it’s not so much what you drink that matters, but the environment in which you drink it.

Kaale Kaffi – rue de la Boucherie, Luxembourg City

You have the impression of entering the living room of a person from the last century. Velvet armchairs, gilded mirrors and antique furniture, plus art-filled walls make this a sumptuous place for coffee, tea, homemade chili or soup.

The place is filled with vintage clothing and objects from the 1950s to the 1980s, deep sofas and cozy nooks. You can even play a game of chess or people watch.

Chique-o-Latte – rue des Bains, Luxembourg City

Green velvet stools, wooden walls and warm lighting welcome you to this city center cafe. Try the caramel iced coffee, coconut milk coffee or spicy chai with chocolate chip cookie or the delicious fruit tart.

There is also a good selection of teas. This is a great place to stop if you are shopping in town. It gets crowded on weekends, slowing down service a bit.

Chalon de Thé – 5 rue Glesener, Luxembourg City

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you really need a hug, this option comes with lots of cats, who have made themselves at home on this cafe’s many shelves, cushions and cat trees.

The prices reflect the fact that they have to look after their furry guests, but they have a great selection of hot chocolates, including vegan varieties.

Café Knopes – train station, Ville Haute, Sanem

These cafes are less “hygge” but can fill a need on a fall morning. Bright and airy, wooden benches and sofas invite you to try the coffees mixed in the workshop located on the same premises.

Hertz Pop-up – Luxembourg City

Flat whites, macchiato, or if you prefer a strawberry smoothie or fresh mint tea, this is a charming spot on Grand-Rue where you can also have breakfast, from eggs Benedict to banana pancakes.

Decor includes velvet banquettes and Persian rugs for a cozy feel, but also floor-to-ceiling windows to let in light.

Café le Bovary – Weimerskirch

Weimerskirch’s secret literary hideaway, stage for countless public readings, writers’ meetings, slam nights, philosophical round tables and café-theater, the Bovary invites you to enter its book-lined café and sit on the antique furniture and mismatched, carefully put together to make you feel at home. You’ll be inspired to write poems over an espresso, a chai latte, or a glass of wine.

T.Zone Boba – 17 rue Beaumont, Luxembourg City

This Taiwanese bubble tea establishment is a real craze among teenagers. Try the black tea with milk and tapioca, or a matcha latte with black sugar tapioca, which is filling on its own, but if you need something extra, Hong Kong egg waffles and toasted sandwiches are on offer.

The tea is served cold with a bamboo straw to suck up the tapioca balls. The establishment also prepares smoothies and offers regular coffee, in a very casual atmosphere, with widely spaced tables and comfortable sofas inside, as well as tables ideal for people watching.

Prepare?! – avenue du Bois, Luxembourg City

Whitewashed walls decorated with overturned bicycles, tables made from cable spools, cushioned benches, comfortable sofas, the heterogeneous decor is very chic, with a clientele made up of students, mothers and office workers. This popular cafe can get very busy.

Do it for Love – Boulevard Royal

Exposed concrete walls, benches and cushions, or a beautiful table on the terrace, this new central cafe is the place to go if you want plain white. It also offers matcha coffees, chai coffees and iced lattes. You can also get freshly ground beans on site.

D’Gëlle Klack – 1 rue Sigefroi, Luxembourg City

Head to this charming café from 7am to 10:30am/11am or the lounge bar in the early evening for a coffee and a comfy leather chair.

Located in the Parc Beaux Arts hotel, in the heart of the historic center, this café is ideal for the winter months. The old Gëlle Klack house dates back to 1482 and was then owned by Claus de Rollingen.

Old Cinema Café-Club – Vianden

This place, which is worth heading north, offers large, comfortable armchairs, a book corner, a cinema screen, works of art and even a little quiz to exercise your brain. Housed in an old cinema with limestone walls, it still has original armchairs, old projectors, chairs and tables from the 1960s.

The coffee beans are fair trade and come from Mondo del Café. You can also sip tea, served in a Bavarian porcelain teapot, and sample one or two Polish specialties, surrounded by black and white photos that bring movies to life classics from the past.

Instant Coffee – City Concorde, Bertrange

The red chairs and wooden tables give this small café a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a shopping trip on an autumn day. Gourmet blends from Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico and Peru can be freshly ground upon request. You can also buy about a hundred varieties of tea from China, India, Sri Lanka and Japan.

Konrad Café – rue du Nord/rue du Verger, Luxembourg City

Wooden floors and comfortable armchairs from the 1970s, suitable for large people, you can enjoy a coffee or something stronger like a bottle of Ramborn cider.

Veterans will appreciate the fact that the music is not loud and the atmosphere is relaxed. Comedy nights and acoustic sessions are also organised. The new Bonnevoie establishment also offers a welcoming atmosphere, with bar stools, but also comfortable chairs and cushions.

By Jeremy – 4a avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg City

The hairdressing salon now has a shop and café located next door, with very inviting sofas to relax with a coffee. By Jeremy offers custom coffee blends, fresh juices and a selection of teas, and has teamed up with GLOW to offer food and snacks if you’re in the mood for cake. When you’re done, you can check out the books, decor items, and plants.

Ernster The spirit of coffee – La Belle Etoile, Bertrange

What’s better than a coffee at the bookstore to shake off shopping fatigue? Comfortable tables line the perimeter and give a feeling of intimacy.

As an added bonus, you can browse the books after getting your caffeine fix. Gluten-free cupcakes, muffins and pastries are also available.

Café Dalmat – 6 Ennert den Heichiewen, Belval

Grab a latte and a treat and sit comfortably around a wooden table at this cute cafe located beneath the blast furnaces.

All products are organic and fair trade, and you can see the remains of the ARBED ovens inside the cafe, which gives a modern touch combined with a super hygienic environment. You can also stop there for brunch or lunch.

Other options

In the capital, comfortable brown leather armchairs and sofas make Cafe in the centerrue Chimay, a family-friendly option, while the Golden Bean – The Coffee ExperienceJust down the street, it’s popular for its chocolate chili, free Wi-Fi and changing cups depending on the season.

O Coffee companions on busy Place de Paris it has a light and airy atmosphere, with leather armchairs and comfortable black sofas (although on a recent visit the granola smoothie was disappointing). Still in season, the cafe Florence Special CoffeeRecently opened, it offers sustainable coffee from Africa, roasted locally, as well as organic wines.

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Coffee Flourish, also in the station area, has minimalist decor, but lovingly prepares fresh coffees and homemade cakes. A new cafe, Intense Coffeein Limpertsberg, it’s cleaner and fresher than Hygge, but gets good reviews. Kesselbetriebin Differdange, it has some cozy nooks with armchairs, but it’s also a good place for a casual business meeting.

Not hygge, but cycling crazy, the new cafe Group at 14 rue Notre-Dame is the ideal place to discover all the cycling paraphernalia around an Affogato.

Outside the city, the Bistro Lënster, on Junglinster’s main street, is decorated with upholstered chairs and plush stools. In Strassen, Curious buttonswhich shares its facilities with Yogaloft, offers a welcoming atmosphere and a beautiful terrace with a selection of magazines and coloring books.

This article was originally published on the Luxembourg Times.

Adaptation: Megane Kambala

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