The best restaurant in the sacred world next to Belgium

The establishment, already awarded a Michelin Guide, has just been awarded the title of best restaurant in the world according to TripAdvisor.

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Do you want to impress your loved one with a good address located in a splendid city and all this without having to go far? Good news: you won’t have to go far! The best restaurant in the world is in Amsterdam, according to the specialized website TripAdvisor, which is based on customer reviews. A great reward for the team of chefs who committed to glorifying Dutch cuisine.

Rediscover the Netherlands on your plate

To find this little pearl nothing could be easier! Just go to the city’s central square, the Barragem. In fact, it is the restaurant at the Hotel TwentySeven, located opposite the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

On the menu, in addition to Japanese Wagyu and Irish oysters, Dutch culture stands out in all its diversity. For example, there are special potatoes from North Holland, Dutch lamb, brill or even gado-gado inspired by the former Indonesian colony. Then, of course, for dessert, it’s cheese! A menu far removed from the bad image of the country’s gastronomy, always inseparable from its stroopwafels and croquettes.

Dutch gastronomy has really developed over the last ten years, especially as Amsterdam is increasingly becoming a major international city.“, explains to AFP the owner of the place, chef Tim Golsteijn, born in Amsterdam. It must be said that there are almost 25 starred restaurants in Amsterdam, including Bougainville (which has a star in the Michelin Guide) thanks to its reinvention of local cuisine.”We were travelers a long time ago (…) we returned with spices, coffee, chocolate. We integrate this into our culinary culture“.

Of course, the award, awarded by the public and not by gastronomic critics, could have even more prestige in the sector. But for owner Eric Toner, being first in customers’ hearts is already huge. “I was completely stunned. It’s an honor to win all the awards“, he said. An even bigger surprise because the address is still young, as it only opened its doors in 2017. And proof that specialized guides are also closely interested in this newcomer: in 2024 it gets 52nd place on the list Lekker of the best Dutch restaurants.

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