Terrington St Clement farmer donates big, gnarly potatoes to Downham Market and King’s Lynn food banks

A chance conversation in a local pub between a councilor and a farmer resulted in a special delivery for families in need.

Wonky or potatoes considered too big to pack in supermarkets have been bringing smiles to the faces of local food bank users thanks to the pub chat.

Councilor Paul Kunes explained that he was talking to his farmer friend at the bar when he happened to mention that he had some bags of potatoes that he planned to throw away – either using them as animal feed or sending them to an anaerobic digester.

Helen Gilbert, project manager at King’s Lynn FoodBank, and councilor Paul Kunes. Photo: West Norfolk City Council.

Cllr Kunes said: “It seemed like a real shame.”

The chat led him to contact Helen Gilbert, project manager at Lynn Food Bank, to see if they would be of use to them.

He went to take a look at the potatoes and discovered that they were perfectly usable – just larger or more deformed than those found in supermarkets.

Cllr Kunes, who represents Terrington on West Norfolk Council, picked up some potatoes and took them for Helen to see, and she was delighted with them.

Helen said: “This donation helps the food bank at a time when we really need it.

“It means we can give people good, fresh vegetables and they can do with them whatever they want. It really put a smile on people’s faces and makes a huge difference.

“There’s a lot you can do with potatoes when it comes to cooking.”

Helen said the food bank had seen huge demand throughout the year and need more donations of items such as canned meat, fish, vegetables or fruit – a full list of what is needed is on food bank website.

Farmer DS Means Ltd, based in Terrington St Clement, is supplying the potatoes to the food bank and they are being distributed in Lynn, Downham and Sutton Bridge.

Cllr Kunes added: “These perfectly good potatoes are considered outside the size standards for the packaging industry and considered the wrong shape for supermarkets.

“They are clearly edible and by donating them to local food banks you can help residents who need them.”

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