Simorre. A lunch around Astarac corn

By word of mouth, restaurant owners constantly talk about the men and women who supply the establishment and with whom they work and exchange. They therefore decided to introduce them to locals and get to know them during tasting menus entirely designed around their products.

This December 2nd, Bouche à Oreille invited the Collectif Maïs Population, which preserves the cultivation of Astarac red corn through multiple actions. It is red, on average three times richer in protein than classic corn and can be consumed in different ways. It is organically grown and allows farmers to make a decent living from their profession. It also creates connections in our Gascon territory and elsewhere.

Astarac red corn is today cultivated by around ten farmers for collective use and seed preservation. The Corn Population Collective brings together around a hundred supporters, around ten farmers and many people who attend the festivities held every year, from sowing, harvesting and husking.

Come and meet them, discover their know-how, their products and our recipes! The menu will include two starters, a main dish, two desserts and some surprises… Price: €38/person. Attention, places are limited, remember to reserve.

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