Should you cut out all sugars to lose weight?

To lose weight, limit your sugar intake. If the saying is well known, it is not always easy to separate food products, since sugars are omnipresent.

This is why some diets, like the ketogenic diet, suggest avoiding sugar entirely. Based on this principle, we run out of fruit or even the complex sugars present in cereals… It’s not necessarily a good idea because not all sugars are the same.

Natural sugar or added sugar

Natural sugars are those found in unprocessed foods, such as fructose in fruit or lactose in milk. These foods tend to be low in calories. On the other hand, they provide vitamins, fiber and even proteins. As part of a diet, it would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

On the other hand, the sugars you should be careful with are those that are “free.” Which provide nothing but empty calories, with excess sugar being stored in the body in the form of fat.

They are obviously present in drinks such as soft drinks, but also in nectars and other industrial fruit juices. As part of weight loss, it is obviously recommended not to consume it.

Look for hidden sugars

But the concern is that most of the sugars consumed today are hidden, hidden in foods that are not generally considered sweet.

They are, therefore, ubiquitous in processed products (even savory ones) to enhance their flavor and improve their appearance and texture. Like ketchup, one teaspoon contains about 4 grams of sugar. But it is not the only one: it is also found in industrial sauces, bread for sandwiches, pizzas, etc.

To guide yourself, look for the suffix “-ose” on food labels. Shows the presence of sugars (sucrose, etc.).

What about pasta?

If there’s one food that has a double reputation, it’s pasta. Dear athletes, they are also accused of tipping the scales. Pasta is completely compatible with the desire to lose weight.

In fact, they are foods rich in starch, carbohydrates described as complex or slow, because their assimilation by the body occurs… slowly, spread over time. This is why they are very popular among athletes.

However, take care of your cooking. Prefer them al dente. Overcooked, they break down into sugars quickly. Finally, note that, as is often the case, it’s what you add to the dough that will be harmful. There’s no need to drown them in a Bolognese sauce or an overly greasy carbonara…

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