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Traditional baguette, tradition, rye bread, wholemeal bread, cereal bread, sandwich bread… The French love it bread. In 2021, 87% said they still had them at home. But this bread that we like to spread, toast, crush, enjoy with a little cheese or a fried egg has seen its price skyrocket and you may have already noticed it at the bakery. If in 2022 the average price of a baguette was 93 cents, it is no longer rare today, according to cities and artisans, to easily exceed the symbolic euro. Therefore, more than ever, there is no question of wasting yesterday’s bread. Here are some good recipe ideas to keep in mind for garnishing quignons and other pieces of stale bread.

What to do with stale bread?

You don’t have a freezer and would like to have an idea to avoid throwing away stale bread? Our recipes.

The French toast recipe

This is THE quick and easy recipe to prepare when you have some leftover pieces of baguette, sandwich bread or brioche. Recipes may vary, but here’s a classic: mix 50 cl of milk, 2 eggs and 50g of sugar. Add vanilla sugar to taste. Dip the bread in this liquid batter so that it is well absorbed and melt a little butter in a frying pan to brown it. A few minutes on each side and it’s ready. The extra: sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.

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What’s better than some croutons in soup or in a salad to add crunch? To prepare them yourself, cut the bread into 1cm cubes, brown them in a frying pan with a little butter or oil to brown and become crispy. Season with salt, pepper or herbs de Provence as needed. Drain them on a plate on absorbent paper to remove some of the fat. Consider rubbing them with garlic, it’s delicious. These croutons can also be used to make a panzanela, an Italian salad made with tomatoes, anchovies and stale bread.

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The bread cake

Do you have a lot of bread left over and do you like sweets at home? In her latest book, Luana Belmondo shares your bread cake recipe, a type of pudding that is very simple to make. Mix 250g of bread soaked in milk and then crumbled, 500ml of milk, 1 apple cut into cubes, 250g of yogurt, 1 egg, raisins and a little sugar. 40 minutes in the oven and it’s ready.

Bread flour

Don’t ruin anything, this is the niche chef Jean-François Piège shares in his latest book 50 recipes to invite us to do the same at home. He suggests that we make waffle dough with the croissants from the day before, but that’s not the case. What if we turned dry bread into… bread flour. To do this, mix the pieces of bread for a long time until you obtain a fine powder, simply use this “flour” to prepare shortbread cookies, pancakes or, why not, pizza dough. If you like homemade pizza, did you know that spoiled cauliflower becomes delicious 100% dietary bread dough.

A bread-based filling

Sliced ​​bread (or baguette breadcrumbs) are perfect for making stuffing to prepare stuffed tomatoes, garnish poultry or simply make meatballs. For 500g of sausage meat, add 2 eggs, chives, garlic, butter and bread that you soaked in milk to soften it. Mix everything in a salad bowl. If the filling is too liquid, add a little breadcrumbs to absorb it.

What to do with spoiled toast?

Toasts at the bottom of the package and you don’t want to throw them away? French toast, breadcrumbs…. All the recipes proposed in this article work just as well with bread as they do with toast. Let’s add Baked apples, which you will place on toast on a plate before baking. A delight.

What to do with leftover gingerbread?

Do you have leftover Christmas gingerbread? Crème brûlée, toast, baked apples… Gingerbread also gets a second chance on our plates. Meet our recipes so as not to spoil.

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