“Quick and without added sugar”: nutritionist shares light recipe for chocolate and pear muffins!

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For great gourmets, it is not always easy to be reasonable. It’s true that the temptation is great among all the countless sweet recipes that exist. Today, more and more recipes are called healthy, which would allow for variations in indulgence without feeling guilty. Nutritionist Nathalie Majcher-drbonnebouffe on Instagram-recently shared her pear and chocolate muffin recipe with no added sugar: “An easy recipe to make in just a few minutes” She explains. A dessert or snack that is available to everyone and that will satisfy your hunger without overdoing it. Furthermore, this in case is perfect for autumn as it contains pear – a seasonal fruits in November. So, if you too want to treat yourself, here are the steps to follow.

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For successful muffins, Nathalie Majcher recommends using very ripe pears which will give the dessert a naturally sweet flavor. There is no need for added sugar when the fruit already contains everything you need. To avoid excess fat, it is best to use silicone molds as it avoids adding butter when molding. Finally, the muffins are better the next day, when the pears have penetrated the flour well. Now you can make delicious muffins without added sugar.

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