Protein breakfast: 15 quick and easy recipe ideas

To feel satisfied, develop muscle mass, lose fat or simply be healthy, proteins are an essential part of the diet. And it all starts with breakfast! Yes, but how can we consume it to replace the sacrosanct eggs and chicken breasts? Here are some menu ideas.

It’s not just athletes who can benefita high-protein diet since the morning! Together with carbohydrates and lipids, they represent one of the three main families of macronutrients and play an essential role in everyone’s health. There are two types: vegetable proteins and animal proteins. For the first time we find in plant foods such as legumes, oilseeds, cereals and certain fruits and vegetables. Regarding animal proteins, red and white meats, fatty fish, eggs and dairy products they are abundantly full of them.

Why should you eat protein in the morning?

From the morning onwards, it is essential to take the correct measures regarding your diet. And it starts with don’t skip breakfast ! In fact, the body needs energy after a full night of fasting. Not eating in the morning would mean going hungry and storing more for the next meal, which is completely counterproductive. Consume natural proteins when you wake up it allows you reduce hunger and appetite (hence the 11hoo snack), stimulate metabolism, provide energy but also limit carbohydrate cravings while maintaining muscle mass. It is therefore an excellent strategy when we tend to lack energy, when we want losing weight or even when you want to become a cast iron professional.

15 ideas for a high-protein breakfast

Since many foods contain protein, there are many different menus to prepare a champion breakfast. Here it is 15 tasty recipe ideas easy and quick to prepare in the morning:

  • muesli or oatmeal with plain skyr and seasonal fruit;
  • slices of wholemeal bread (or rye or einkorn) with smoked salmon or smoked trout, cream cheese and half an avocado;
  • eggs with vegetables, mushrooms, tomatoes frittata style ;
  • fresh cream cheese with seasonal fruits accompanied by chopped walnuts and hazelnuts;
  • a smoothie with plant-based milk, banana, a little cocoa and some chia seeds;
  • quinoa with apple, a little milk, a pinch of cinnamon and walnuts;
  • savory waffles with mozzarella;
  • pancakes with kimchi;
  • matcha pancakes;
  • a pudding made with oats and dark chocolate;
  • avocado toast with fried eggs;
  • a raspberry smoothie with coconut water, peanut butter and a touch of orange blossom;
  • banana porridge with oatmealbrown sugar, milk, a little cocoa and almond pieces;
  • oat muffins with raisins;
  • a banana bread.

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