Plant-based baking step by step

Do you know about plant-based baking? Lighter than its traditional counterpart, it is made only with vegetable ingredients, but it has its delights.

Of only vegetable ingredientsthat replace butter, eggs, milk or cream, aromatic herbs with sometimes confusing flavors: vegetable pastry is fashionable, given the works that are being released in bookstores at the moment. To make it accessible, its best representatives and recipe authors reveal their secrets in “L’Etape Gourmande”.

After baking, it is the plant-based pastry’s turn to take over the field, and express its differences with traditional techniques and flavors.

Appeared just under ten years ago in Europe, it is considered healthier and in any case compromised! An ethical choice, an ecological choice or a wellness and health choice encourages experimentation with alternative ingredients that offer new flavors and textures.

Is plant-based baking reserved for an elite? Is it really healthier?

A fashion phenomenon reserved for an elite, or a true avenue of the future accessible to everyone to eat better and live better without depriving themselves of sweets, we try to see more clearly and separate truth from falsehood in the company of my guests!

Around this plant feast, Nathalie Helal receives:

  • Pierre HerméFrench confectioner-chocolatier, best confectioner in the world and author of Plant-based baking published on November 2nd by Solar editions.
  • Joana Lepape, independent pastry chef. World sweet arts champion and author of the book Pastry Revolutionwhich has just been published by Flammarion.
  • Virginie Boudsocqceramicist and creator of tableware, as well as unique pieces and sculptures.

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