Plant-based alternatives continue to grow

The trend towards consumption of vegetable proteins as alternatives to meat in DRC, and in particular fast food, cafes, pubs and bars, increased by 48% compared to 2019 in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, highlights the latest Circana study that also notes that 25% of the population of the countries examined are considered flexitarian (28% among young people aged 18 to 34). “ Typically made from ingredients such as soy, peas, lentils and mushrooms, plant-based products have grown in popularity as fast-food chains and restaurants across Europe strive to satisfy consumers’ growing demands, offering sustainable, healthier and cruelty-free options. in the menu », Note the authors of the study.

Among protein categories, plant-based meats in all formats have seen the biggest growth since 2019. The total number of dishes served in each protein category has fallen, except for minced meats, with minced steak still benefiting from an increase in 4% (+16% for chicken, +11% for fish). At the same time, plant-based chopped steaks have seen 90% growth. “ This growth is expected to continue until 2024 due to the marked improvement in the quality, taste and texture of plant-based products compared to those offered a few years ago. », highlights Jochen Pinsker, vice president of food service Europe at Circana.

The study also indicates that the expected expenditure for 2024 in the out-of-home restaurant market is expected to amount to 338 billion euros for the 5 main European countries, which represents an increase of 17 billion per year compared to 2023 (29 billion compared to 2019). ). Most of this growth will benefit fast food. As for the number of vegetarians and vegans, it is expected to remain stable, while the proportion of flexitarians will continue to grow.

November 2023

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