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There were many emails in response to our Friday headline about new food shopping habits. Here’s a preview of their answers.

We strain the sauce

Obviously we changed our habits. The first item we cut out was wine, telling ourselves that it was time for our health as well as our wallet and that it is far from essential.

We used to prepare meals regularly for our children who work and live in Montreal. Papygetthi, as our grandchildren affectionately call him. Our refrigerator, which was always full of fresh vegetables and no space, is now full of empty spaces. We buy the minimum and make sure it lasts as long as possible. We stretch the sauce, as they say.

The grocery budget is the same, but we manage it differently. Here, you have to drive to get the discounts. The first large center where all the networks are located is 20 km away. I make my list on an app comparing prices and go to all the stores segmented according to the location of the business. I go to stores, like Walmart, that I didn’t frequent because it went against my principles. I also go to the Giant Tiger to eat a stick of celery! We become more tolerant at the table.

I regretfully no longer buy the bakery’s good $30 maple mousse cake. I make my own cakes and cookies. I avoid everything that is expensive. I changed the brand of milk and reduced the washing speed. No more $60 pots of cream, no more $150 hairdresser visits, I will have gray hair!

We live in a consumption bubble and this period of more or less difficult times forces us to look at our lifestyle habits. Let’s take the opportunity to learn, because we are still among the best off people on this planet.

Francine Bourdeau

A roast, a steak? It no longer fits in my fridge! Very expensive.

Manon Vallee

Freezer compliment

I started consulting circulars, something I hadn’t done in a year. I exchanged my Subway, which I loved going to, for the more economical version, Super C. I buy one type of meat a week, the one that has a discount, and I stock up a little. The freezer is very useful.

Johanne Ostiguy

Plenty of space for junk food

What I deplore on the part of grocery retailers is the promotion of pasta, Asian noodles and ready-made sauces in jars. It is not by encouraging these eating habits that the health of low-income families will be preserved. All these discounts then become very attractive. I observed the same thing 30 years ago. Regardless of prices, Quebecers don’t eat well.

Danielle Verreault

We abandoned our favorite store

We were faithful to our banner where you can find everything and excellent service, but inflation and the obvious disparity in prices of some basic products lead us to visit less sophisticated merchants, but which allow us to save money.

Diane Giroux, Blainville

Change supermarkets out of spite

I recently changed grocery stores: I went from IGA to Maxi. It took me a long time to make this change, wondering if it was really worth it, as I was satisfied with the quality and variety of IGA products, but aware of the really high prices. I want to concentrate my shopping in one place and I won’t go to the point of going to three supermarkets to get more discounted products. I’m not a person who chases discounts at all costs. For me to make this change, I really had to be exasperated with the situation.

Joƫlle Saint-Pierre

Goodbye, restaurant!

We used to eat out two or three times a month, but now that’s gone, the bill ruins all the fun. We cook, mainly products purchased at a discount. Meat is almost never on our plates anymore.

Lucie Chagnon

No more shopping at the local supermarket

Previously, I made a point to support my local grocery store. Today we prefer to wait until we have more items to buy and go to Super C. It’s a shame, but it’s a good way to save.

Michel Rouillard

Arrested by celiac disease

It’s really difficult to change your eating habits when you have celiac disease. All gluten free products are extremely expensive and there is no real discount because the supply and demand is ridiculous. We pay $9 for a loaf of less than 500 grams and $4 for 340 grams of gluten-free dough, how do you want to save money?

Yves Miljour

Used discount supermarkets

We have not changed our grocery shopping practices. Several years ago we abandoned chains like IGA, Metro and Provigo, in favor of discount supermarkets like Maxi and Super C, which in our opinion are much cheaper. We systematically monitor leaflet discounts. We rarely buy at full price, but mainly products on sale or close to their expiration date (-30%).

Jean Poisson, Granby

Against volume purchases

I am against discounts when purchasing larger quantities of the same product. Many people live alone and have to pay more for just one product. Furthermore, it generates food waste and more waste in the trash.

Marie Claire Lirette

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