pieces chosen to accompany winter

There are recipes that mark an era. “The President” is one of them. This dessert has been delighting the people of Lyon for almost fifty years. But did you know that this legendary cake was created by Maurice Bernachon for a lunch at the Élysée in honor of Paul Bocuse? Thanks to his grandson, Philippe Bernachon, who continues to be successful in the family bakery, we tell you his story.

Throughout the pages of this new edition of the magazine On the table ! edited by The public good you will also discover that of the Gaston-Gérard chicken, which has become an essential part of Dijon cuisine despite its simplicity.

On the meeting side, we went to discover a producer of Charolais, one of the largest goat cheeses, recognizable by its cylindrical shape, which we presented through two recipes (including one proposed by Frédéric Doucet, chef starred at Charolles).

What would you also say about joining us on a dive into the world of the talented and creative Jérémy Galvan? But be careful, having lunch or dinner with this starred chef located in the heart of Old Lyon means agreeing to let yourself go and enter his unique world…

A locavore Christmas Eve

Because it’s Christmas, we’ve also prepared a festive meal for you around local cheeses, with fourteen delicious and accessible recipes: Condrieu rigotte puff pastry, Brillat-Savarin sea casserole, Fourme de Montbrison, Saint-Marcellin tarte tatin…

Always close by, the know-how is always highlighted in this new edition: yellow wine from the Jura, green lentils from Puy, a pie recipe from Bressane… they tell their stories and their riches.

For a winter with stars in your eyes!

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