Philippe Etchebest will offer a full Christmas menu, but he needs you

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Costumes and decorationsHalloween they barely returned to the cupboards. But already the letters addressed to the father Christmas keeps all the children busy. Some worry about finding the perfect tree or investing in new garlands. Others still try to order gifts for the whole family without spending too much. However, for gourmets, the end of the year continues to be synonymous with delicious meal, in good company. For a New Year’s table worthy of a five-star palace, Philippe Etchebest will offer a new menu to its subscribers. But before revealing his recipes, the chef needs your opinion! We will explain everything to you!

The month of December is quickly approaching. With soaring prices and everyday stress, preparing a good Christmas dinner can quickly seem like a headache. Fortunately, this year, the French will be able to count on the help of Philippe Etchebest. He has just been named Knight of the Legion of Honor by Emmanuel Macron, the famous chef is about to give a big boost to those who follow it. In fact, he set himself a new challenge: developing a perfect menu to entertain his loved ones during the end of the year celebrations. Clear, the taste and appearance of the dishes must impress guests.

Philippe Etchebest will delight his fans – Photo credits: Instagram Capture

That said, Philippe Etchebest will also do everything he can to ensure that the preparation of each specialty remains accessible. Also, before you start share ideas and advice, the cook must first research his audience. On the evening of this Wednesday, November 8, 2023, he posted a very special article. The goal? Collect preferences, the expectations, the needs, but also the difficulties of the cordon bleu resorting to your support. If you’re still looking for inspiration, you have just under 24 hours to respond directly on Instagram. Your keyboards!

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Philippe Etchebest
Philippe Etchebest asks for public opinion – Photo credits: capture from Instagram

Philippe Etchebest’s journey

Born in 1966 in Soissons, he first followed a training at Talence Hotel High School. But in 1984 he already tried his luck in culinary competitions. Today, the chef holds 3 great restaurants in Bordeaux.

  • New house
  • The Fourth Wall
  • The guests’ table

But the general public knows Philippe Etchebest mainly for the many shows where he appears. Notably Best chef, Top Chef Objective or Kitchen nightmare.

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