Pastry-restaurant in Paimpol: change at Atelier de Corentin

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There is a changeCorentin’s workshop he has Paimpol (Côtes-d’Armor). In fact, Corentin Lecalvez passes on the legacy of his pastry shop and restaurant to his young employee and apprentice, Jaouen Couzigou.

6 years in store

At the age of 23, Jaouen Couzigou began his young career as a pastry chef in Corentin’s store.

With his bachelor’s degree in professional cooking in his pocket, he obtained an additional dessert qualification in restaurants in La Guerche-de-Bretagne and a CAP pastry chef at the Ploufragan Chamber of Commerce.

I did my practical training for six years with Corentin during my apprenticeship. He taught me the trade and left me a great business.

Jaouen Couzigou

Family recipe notebook

Jaouen Couzigou fell into the pan, the pastry is an ancestral story of six generations which began in 1896.

Now that I’m the chef, I’m going to keep the making of Corentin a secret and I’m going to associate it with the family recipe book, revisited respecting tradition.

Jaouen Couzigou

This will be Jaouen’s trademark, the reference to this family saga which lasts 127 years. He even displays it in the window of his store “Couzigou since 1896”.

Thus, traditional pastry like Paris-Brestreal chocolate or even raspberry will be updated with less sweet, less rich and more airy recipes.

Lunchtime catering will continue with local products and a daily menu renewed daily.

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Christmas is getting ready

The young boss will develop a new range of Christmas logs like Black Forest, Royal Chocolate and a surprise fruit log.

We will always offer New-Yorkaise and Holiday, creations by Corentin. We strive to create delicacies at reasonable and affordable prices.

Jaouen Couzigou

The pastry chef has projects in mind, because he knows that when running an establishment “you need to know how to renew yourself”.

“Couzigou since 1896”, 25 place du Martray, Paimpol, 02 96 22 32 77.

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