An easy recipe, to make in 10 minutes this Saturday, December 2nd

An attractive recipe doesn’t necessarily require spending all day. Try it with sweet and savory mille-feuille to prepare in 10 minutes, which will make gourmets’ eyes shine as a starter or side dish this first Saturday in December! ON THE SAME TOPIC: Grandma apple mille-feuille, endive and mozzarella Hot news News Endive Cheese Litter YOU … Read more

The humble Nepalese chowmein

The humble Nepali chowmein

“Whenever Nepalis go out to eat at a restaurant, they look at the entire menu for 15 to 20 minutes and then order momo or chowmein,” is a famous Nepali saying that sums up the dining out experience for Nepalis. This saying underlines the popularity of chowmein, proudly considered the second most popular dish in … Read more

Brittle stars don’t have brains, but they can still learn

In our quest to understand intelligence and learning, humans have often focused on brain size as a key factor. However, a fascinating study of brainless brittle stars challenges this notion, revealing that these creatures are capable of learning through experience despite lacking a centralized brain. Enigmatic brittle stars Brittle stars, related to sea stars, are … Read more

Mahasiswa IPB Rebranding UMKM King Juice Farhan

Mahasiswa IPB

BOGOR-BOGOR RADAR, Dalam persaingan ketat dunia UMKM, Mahasiswa IPB University has gotten creative with rebranding in salah satu UMKM di Bogor, yakni King Juice Farhan. Sebuah langkah bristles to menonjolkan keunikan dan daya saing di tengah pasar yang penuh tangangan. Baca Juga: Tularkan Positive Vibes, Mahasiswa IPB Lakukan Kunjungan Studi ke Pangan Publik Indonesia Mahasiswa … Read more