Nutrition and diabetes: how to eat well

Knowledge and confusion: the paradox of French food

French self-assessment of their nutritional knowledge reveals a striking contrast. According to an OpinionWay survey for Roche Diabetes Care France, although type 2 diabetic (T2D) patients consider themselves relatively informed, with a score of 7 out of 10, their understanding of different food families remains superficial. A lack of knowledge that extends to the general public, with an average score of 6.4 out of 10. This gap is illustrated by the fact that less than half of French people identify fruit as a source of carbohydrates, an essential fact for DM2. The educational role of the general practitioner and nutritionist is therefore more crucial than ever, especially for young patients who are most receptive to their advice.

Eating habits to reinvent

Inflation does not spare eating habits, pushing price to the forefront of purchasing criteria, ahead of nutritional value. However, the impact of a diabetes diagnosis is notable: most people with DM2 modify their diet by reducing sugars and fats. The solution to this complex equation could lie in innovation and support, such as Roche Diabetes Care France’s Phil app, which offers healthy recipes at low prices and makes purchasing management easier..

Composing and decoding: the secrets to a balanced diet in the face of diabetes

Eating well doesn’t necessarily mean spending more. The trick lies in the composition of the dish: a mix of vegetables, foods rich in starch and proteins, where even frozen foods can have their place. Learning to “decode” ingredient lists is also essential: a short list is usually synonymous with quality. These simple actions, combined with weekend batch cooking, can turn the task of eating into an economical and healthy process..

Technological and human assistance: a winning duo

Faced with the complexity of food choices, professional help and technological tools become valuable allies. They guide you to informed decisions, adapted to each situation, and allow you to navigate the sometimes confusing world of nutrition.

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