Martine and her gourmet muse offer another way to eat

Martine Grossin, from Muse Gourmette, based in Gignac, is an atypical cook.

Born in Bordeaux, he settled in Gignac 13 years ago, after leaving Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, where he created a clothing store, while running fairs, but the seasonal activity did not suit him.

“I needed a more essential activity and I turned to food, in the spirit of offering organic and plant-based foods and, in that spirit, I created La Muse gourmette”explains Martine.

He has been offering his culinary creations at Montpellier markets for 10 years, including the farmers’ market, created by Gignacois farmers around thirty years ago, Place du Numéro d’Or, in Antigone.

“I was seduced by your direct approach to seasonal products. I chose to offer essentially organic products, without eggs or dairy products. Then, I excluded any product containing gluten or wheat flour, at the request of many customers”confides the trader who continues: “I want to be active in my city, now that my activity is stabilized and clearly defined, focused on completely organic food. I have already approached the Distribio association store, run by Muriel Roques, on Grand -Rue and offer members my preparations at reduced prices. I have been very well received by the municipal community.”

Therefore, every week she publishes a menu to show people that we can infinitely vary both the vegetable and the traditional.

Martine defines herself as a culinary artisan, with a desire “Having the status of supplier, being able to offer my culinary creations to the widest audience”.

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