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Before discovering HelloFresh, it was a little complicated. I actually hate shopping and I’m not very creative in the kitchen. Sometimes I bought too much or too little quantity and left too much food lying around in the fridge… Furthermore, I often prepared the same dishes because I lacked ideas.

But since then I was tempted by their service and everything changed. HelloFresh has taken a huge mental load off my shoulders! Thanks to their box, I can have between 3 and 5 hours of free time per week. I save time by planning our meals with a few clicks up to five weeks in advance on the app. Furthermore, meals are quick to prepare and delivered to our home. They do my shopping for me, they create creative and healthy recipes, and it allows me to not waste any more, thanks to the pre-portioned ingredients. In short, for me it is really ideal!

I order three meals a week, my fridge is tidy and I no longer have to worry about what I’m going to eat at night. I just have to choose the dish I’m going to prepare according to my wishes.

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What are the main advantages of HelloFresh for you?

Firstly, the ease… In fact, the formula saves enormous time because we are free from shopping. Controlling your expenses is also simpler, as you only pay for the amounts necessary. Therefore, we often make much fewer impulsive purchases and have fewer unpleasant surprises upon receipt!

In addition, we also relieve ourselves of the daily mental burden required when preparing a meal. I realized that in general we tend to quickly cook the same thing because it’s not easy to be imaginative every day… Thanks to your box, we eat varied, healthy and delicious meals without any complications. Furthermore, I consider the formula to be economical: the dishes are in fact offered at relatively affordable prices, starting at €4.14 per portion.

And there is no waste, as everything is planned in exact quantities. Finally, they deliver it to your home, which is super practical. For my part, if I’m absent, it’s the neighbors who take over. There are therefore no restrictions. If we have the opportunity to make our lives easier, why not do it?

Are the proposed recipes balanced?

Yes, I find that HelloFresh helps me prepare nutritious, fresh, home-cooked meals after busy days at work without much effort. The weekly menu includes more than 45 different recipes, which brings a lot of inspiration. The menu is varied, rich in Vegetarian and Calorie Smart (low calorie) recipes. I also noticed that all recipes contain at least 200g of vegetables! Finally, as all the ingredients come pre-portioned, we eat the amounts necessary to stay healthy.

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Maria’s favorite recipe: Pizza Regina on naan bread “An easy and nutritious recipe ready in just 25 minutes”

How long does it take to prepare a HelloFresh meal?

I would say 30 minutes on average. You can choose a lot of quick recipes that can be prepared in 15 to 25 minutes, but personally I sometimes spend 30 because I’m not very good (laughs). There are also more robust and original meals that require a little more time.

The big advantage is that everything is extremely clear: there are photos, explanations, the ingredients are well organized… Everything is at your fingertips. It’s really ideal for those who don’t know how to cook. You can’t miss a recipe with HelloFresh!

With what criteria do you choose your recipes?

I often select them based on our tastes: more pasta dishes for me, risottos or burgers for my son, or things I wouldn’t normally have thought of. In fact, the choice is so wide that you can try new flavors every week. When I want to eat in a more balanced way, I look for it in the “Calorie Smart” tab… When I am seduced by a super tasty recipe, I write it down in the app so that one day I can return to the menu… Some dishes are in fact particularly sophisticated, such as the pork loin with strawberry balsamic sauce to name just one. Of course, it adds a lot to the dish!

Do you have a ritual when cooking with HelloFresh?

I usually cook with my partner. It’s very friendly and allows us to spend fun times together. In fact, it’s a very pleasant break and no longer a race against time… We also enjoy selecting our next recipes together in the app!

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