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Before analyzing Danone shares, it is important to know the company’s history and study its current and past performance.

The history of Danone

Founded in 1919 by Isaac Carasso in Barcelona, Yogurt is named after his son, “Daniel”, nicknamed “Danon”. Know that the multinational was born out of the desire to combat intestinal infections in children using lactic acid ferments.

In 1929Danone settles in France and, under the direction of Daniel Carasso, is expanding fast. Over the years, the company has evolved, moving from producing yogurts to a very wide range of food products. In 1973the merger with Gervais also gives rise to the Gervais Danone group. So in the years nineteen ninetythe company is refocusing on its main activities : dairy, beverages and infant nutrition.

Today, Danone is a global food giant, recognized for its commitment to healththere nutrition and theenvironment. The company, which has long held a leading position among agri-food companies in the Francewas dethroned in 2022 by Lactalis due to significantly lower turnover. She still remains 11ᵉ place in the world rankings.

Latest results

The increase in volume of business of Danone, which lasted until 2019 it’s him 25.2 billion euros, was abruptly interrupted in 2020 particularly because of the health crisis. Revenue fell to 23.6 billion euros that same year. Danone went through a difficult period, but has recovered quite well since 2020, turnover has continued to increase.increase passing for example 24.2 billion euros in 2021 he has 27.6 billion euros in 2022.

Source: Boursorama

Danone showed some ability navigating an uncertain economic environment. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic covid It is costs significant operational challenges, the company implemented strategies to maintain its growth. Dairy and vegetable products as well as specialized nutrition were the main engines of salary. Danone also continued to invest ininnovationthus strengthening its position in the market.

The year 2023 is quite promising, since sales in the first two quarters are the better Since 2018.

What are Danone shares?

Let’s now analyze Danone (BN) shares on the stock market, understand how it works and how much they can yield to its shareholders each year.

When you buy a Actionyou really become “shareholder”of the company in question. In our case, it’s like buying back a small go from Danone. Famous for its dairy products and especially mineral waters, buy a share BN means investing in all company activities. Therefore, it is always necessary to study what do you like to involve before purchasing yours first actions.

Danone’s share price to evolve over time depending on many factors such as profits of the company and supply and demand in the market. If the company is in good health financial, the value of the share can increase, while at the same time offering a Capital gain to investors. But be careful, the price can also be turn backin case of bad news, for example, highlighting Danger the capital you invested.

For information, Danone (BN) shares rose more than 10.2% since the beginning of 2023, but continues to oscillate between $49 and the $62 since several weeks.

The dividends

Danone is one of those companies that has the habit of reward its shareholders, distributing dividends. Dividends are simply a paper of profits carried out by the company that distributed for shareholders.

Historically, Danone has maintained a very stablereflecting your solidity finances and your desire to to retain its shareholders. The distribution of these dividends is carried out annually and the exact amount miscellaneous based on the company’s results and decisions taken at general meetings.

To give you an idea, it was 2€ per share in 2022 and always remained in this environment in six last years. If you had 10 Danone shares, for example, you would have received €20 in 2022.

Although a high dividend may be attractiveKeep in mind that you should consider other financial indicators before making a possible decision investment.

dividend on Danone shares
Source: Danone

Where to buy X shares?

Investing in company shares is quite simple. If you want to invest in Danone’s, you will have to go to a broker which offers the purchase of shares via products CFDsor directly through a Account title, The life insurance or one PEA. The latter is very interesting due to its advantageous taxation, but it is exclusively dedicated to holding shares European.

Danone shares, listed on CAC40 under the symbol BNis also accessible via Degiro, eToroOr Interactive Brokers For example. Brokers like AxI Or Advantage also offer a wide range of actions.

Before investing, always make sure the shares you are interested in are available and compare the costs platform transactions. Furthermore, we advise that you always to diversify your investments.

Should you invest in Danone shares in 2023?

To try to provide an answer to this question, we will first examine graphics of Danone’s share price, so we will be interested in the company trying to take a little more retrospective.

Technical analysis

On a ladder very largewe can see that Danone (BN) shares are following a trend optimistic since its IPO in 1970. However, it fell by about 24.8% Since 2018 and even 34.4% compared to yours ATH (highest historical level) pre-Covid. Since then, BN has continued to struggle to cross the bar again. €60.

Danone 1 stock technical analysis

On a larger scale to closewe can observe a range of more than 170 weeks (since July 2020) between support from €45 and the resistance of €60. Danone is struggling to get out of this situation, as evidenced by the latest attempt rejected Last April.

Since then, the stock has also been corrected by more than 12%. Without an unexpected awakening of buyers on October 9th, BN would still receive significant support from €53 allowing you to maintain your trend optimistic he has short term.

Danone 2 stock technical analysis

Daily, the price moves in a range between the resistance of €56/57 (red) and the famous support of €53 (green) since last May. Therefore, we will wait for a big reaction from buyers around this support before positioning ourselves to buy. You will then have to think about making profits around the €57.

Danone 3 technical analysis

Fundamental analysis

As you understand, Danone stands out as one of the leaders indisputableagri-food. Its reputation, based on dairy products and mineral waters, has developed thanks to its advances in specialized and plant-based nutrition.

The company’s international presence and its ability to to diversify its product ranges allow it to deal with the numerous challenges of the sector. It is a well-established business strategy that has given it the weapons to maintain a trajectory of growth interesting in a very competitive.

On a financial level, Danone navigated with some skill through the disruptions of the covid. The numbers rose quickly to levels not seen since 2018.

For the futurethe company intends to emphasize an ever-increasing production approach sustainable AND ethic. An approach that aligns with the expectations current consumer and investor trends.

Our opinion on Danone shares

Danone, with its long history and an ability toadaptation remarkable, it continues to be a dominant figure in the global agri-food industry. His orientation toward sustainability and innovative nutrition demonstrates a certain maturitybut above all a vision focused on the future.

Her resilience Meeting recent challenges inspires confidence and potential investors will also be delighted with the consistency of dividends distributed. However, it is essential to stay informed and Surveillance. We advise you in particular to look at the evolution of the price of your Action on the stock exchange.

Considering all these elements, Danone shares present themselves as an investment option attractive and can be a complement relevant in a diversified portfolio.

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