KFC will dominate your sense of smell with this fried chicken flavor!

The KFC fast food restaurant surprises its fans by offering a perfume inspired by the smell of its timeless fried chicken!

KFC has just unveiled a new product that will certainly please fans of the brand. And for good reason, the famous chicken restaurant just launched a flavor…with fried chicken. MCE TV tells everything from A to Z!

KFC: a fast food that stands out

Impossible to miss KFC. And for good reason, the restaurant chain specializing in fried chicken has become very popular. And that, all over the world. Hey, yes!

It must be said that the company does everything possible to retain its customers, all of whom are passionate about chicken. Then, KFC keeps putting the small buckets in the big ones.

This summer, KFC therefore had the brilliant idea of ​​marketing a completely new product UK: fried chicken flavored popcorn. To satisfy all its customers, the brand has not neglected any detail. In fact, this product is gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Pretty cool, right?

But that is not all. In fact, KFC never stops surprising its customers. Therefore, on the occasion of Chinese New Year 2023, the American company had launched a line of scented incense…fried chicken! Available in Thai restaurants, this innovation – very unusual – caused a lot of ink to flow.

One thing is certain, KFC is redoubling its efforts to stand out from its main competitors. Today, the fast food restaurant has just launched a new product, inedible, but still inspired by fried chicken. MCE TV tells you more!

Fried chicken flavor

For this end of the year, KFC hits hard again. And for good reason, the company has launched an entirely new product. One thing is certain: the latter will probably delight chicken fans. This time, everything is happening in Spain.

And no, it’s not a new burger or any recipe. And for good reason, This New KFC Merchandise Is Inedible…since it’s a perfume!

In fact, KFC Spain revealed its newest innovation on social media: an eau de parfum with the scent of fried chicken. Entitled “L’eau d’Uardo”, the bottle is shaped like a chicken drumstick.

To reproduce this fried chicken aroma, the perfume is composed of several notes: tangerine, geranium, pink pepper and bergamot. One thing is certain: this new product will probably delight bird fans.

And that’s not all. To market this eau de parfum, KFC Spain worked hard with an advertising campaign worthy of the biggest perfume houses… Mugler and Guerlain better watch out!

Available in a limited edition, “L’eau d’Uardo” has been available online on the KFC app since November 21st. And that, for the low price of 3.99 euros. Furthermore, you can get this eau de parfum in all KFCs in Spain from Tuesday, November 28, 2023. Very cool, right?

One thing is certain, the brand KFC hasn’t finished making the ink flow. But what will it be? the next madness from chicken fans’ favorite restaurant chain? To be continued…

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