“It all started with a food intolerance”: she launches a 100% natural pet food brand in Menton

On the Menton-based company Pet Greens’ website, the small team’s presentation focuses on a fun detail. Among the founders are Giulia, Walid… and Alita. The photo leaves no doubt, the latter is none other than a cunning-looking Staff. Just a joke? In truth. Because without him, the company specializing in natural animal feed would never have seen the light of day.

“It all started two years ago with a food intolerance. We discovered that Alita was allergic to chicken”, traces Giulia Brizzi, living in Menton for seven years. Stating that she spent her life at the vet trying to treat Alita’s dermatitis. “He gave me hypoallergenic food, but again there was chicken fat and oil. I haven’t found anything in France without these components. I wanted something really natural.” Her research then led her to a small factory in Piedmont. But this one doesn’t do the job, forcing Giulia to find tips to get these croquettes suitable. “I ended up calling them and as the owner had a house in Menton, we were able to meet up.”, highlights the founder of Pet Greens. Who wanted to find a side activity to their office work.

First idea: become a sales representative for the Italian company. “I finally decided to create my brand. It’s the factory that makes it for me, but we choose the recipes together.”, summarizes Giulia. Who wouldn’t have started without the encouragement of their partner. “He encouraged me to do what I wanted. And to help people who have the same problem.” Pet Greens was created in October 2022, with an official market launch in March. The time has come to set up a website with the help of businesswoman Élodie Margand, also founder of the space coworking “Anti-work.”

The particularities of this diet? All ingredients are suitable for human consumption. “We dehydrate and then cold press. There is no cooking, which allows it to maintain its properties. There are also no preservatives or additives. This also allows you to have more concentrated feed; a 10 kg package lasts a month and a half, instead of a month for traditional ones”explains Giulia, who works with local associations Terre-Neuve 06 and The animal fund.

“Convince yourself to try”

The hardest part of this adventure? It is undoubtedly to change people’s habits. Especially when the package is a little more expensive than industrial meals (even though, says Giulia, the most expensive is 70 euros). “They often notice a difference when their pet has a problem. The challenge is to convince them to try. Afterwards, they no longer return to the industrial sector.” To complete the line – which was open to cats and horses – Pet Greens also offers treats, created with dog trainers. As well as oils to put in the feed. Or even dietary supplements. “I recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to change food. Carrots solve digestion problems, beets are anti-inflammatory…” The site also sells toys and accessories from other companies, but they are always natural and ecological.

To date, Giulia and Walid deliver to Menton, Roquebrune, Beausoleil and Monaco. For more distant creatures, all roads lead… to the Internet. “We have customers all over France: Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, the border with Luxembourg. Some in Italy too, and even in Sweden!” Julia List. Which has just launched an Advent calendar and Christmas boxes. Starting in January, Pet Greens will also offer a monthly subscription to natural treats. Because the Rabelaisian motto applies to everyone: healthy man in healthy body.

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