In Trouville, the market has been busy for eight months: contrasting opinions between the stalls

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“We’ll see, we don’t have much choice”, sighs a merchant, handing a bag of potatoes to one of his customers. Under the gray autumn sky, the market of Trouville-sur-Mer (Calvados) lived his first hours on Wednesday in your new settingthere Rue du Général de Gaulle. A temporary change, for eight months, as long as the works on the Fernand-Moureaux pier started this week. Remember that the project aims to “reinvent” the entrance to the village of Rainha das Praias.

Leaving the bridge terrace until June 2024, the market decorated this main street with its stalls selling vegetables, clothes, fish and other products. A movement that it was on everyone’s lipsWednesday, November 8th in the morning for the premiere.

Annoyance among traders

” OUR dock We already miss you”, laments Valérie Guérin, boat saleswoman Frandrine. Like other street vendors, she points out “a lack of organization and electrical installations » allowing you to connect refrigerators and trucks. A dissatisfaction shared by other traders, although on this subject, the Chamber promises new connections beyond this Sunday’s market.

Present at the Trouville market for 35 years, Vincent Gurtner, who runs a leather goods, clothing and accessories stand, regrets that there is no no consultation between the City Council and traders. “We were not asked for our opinion, so we have no choice but to accept it.” A major problem highlighted: space for traders’ vehicles. “It’s boring to park my truck here,” she laments. But the seller doesn’t want to complain too much, he’s among the first on the street.

The Trouville-sur-Mer market occupied rue du Général de Gaulle on Wednesday. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Grinder

A few meters further on, the anger is most felt between two fruit and vegetable sellers. ” It is a shame. The City Council despise “. Again and again, the non-communication of the City Council is furious:

We were never warned. There is really no communication that has been made, either to us or to the residents.

Your colleague also reports this lack of advertising to the market, with supporting anecdote. “This morning I went to talk to residents who live on this street, they didn’t even know that the market was coming to their street several months ago”, she smiles bitterly. An observation shared by Dédé, a clothing seller, who also regrets “the absence of sanitary facilities” and this “lack of information from the City Council”. Indicating that some traders decided not to come anymore because of the change of location, he continues:

We are against the wall, we have no choice and there is no sign or anything else to indicate that the market exists. And if people don’t know, they don’t come. The Trouville market is still a big market, it was broadcast on TF1 and a city without a market loses its lungs and soul.


Other traders take it easy and let time pass. For Pascal from Fromagerie Maître Pennec, if “customers seek to orient themselves in this new market”, we must “ see over time » what will this give.

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A change welcomed by customers

On the buyers’ side, the annoyance sounds less loud. “I think we have a lot more place here to go for a walk, we have fewer umbrellas on our heads”, enthuses Rémy, a retired resident of Trouville won over by this new location. “I didn’t necessarily come to the platform anymore, sometimes we stepped on each other. Furthermore, we could very well put it here all the time, even after the work, people could park on the pier like this”, he imagines. Leaving the station to which he is attached, the neighbor confirms: “It’s very good, we still come either near Touques or here”.

The Trouville-sur-Mer market occupied rue du Général de Gaulle on Wednesday.
The Trouville-sur-Mer market occupied rue du Général de Gaulle on Wednesday. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Grinder

A change of location, therefore, but without good habitsalthough some traders are worried: “We know that those who live on the other side of the city will not come, we also have older customers”.

This change of location does not only concern the “pure” residents of Trouville. A Parisian who has had secondary accommodation in Trouville for 20 years regularly visits the market. As she has an apartment on the new street that houses the market, this change of location does not affect her much. “It’s closer for me then It doesn’t bother me at all “. This temporary relocation is therefore suitable even for some people.

Although opinions differ, many recognize that this temporary location choice is an opportunity to bringing a “dead street” back to life. Manager of the Belle Époque restaurant, Jean-Luc Journo is delighted to see life reborn on Rue du Général de Gaulle. “I opened early today to play, I lowered prices for traders who were setting up”, he smiles. I think it’s great that the market is establishing itself here and I think this market adapts well to this location.” A life found for the artery which traders expect will be even more bubbly this Sunday, during the next market. ” That’s it The big market of the weekIt will be a good test.”

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