In Soho, MOD’s well-guarded recipe, the new French dessert between a cookie and a brownie

One Sunday morning, in his kitchen in Los Angeles, where he lived at the time, Gregory Doyen was hungry and had nothing to do. The French pastry chef, with more than 400,000 followers on Instagram, then grabbed a mold and started cooking, working on a cookie recipe he had. He transformed and transformed again, so much so that in just a few hours he developed a new dessert: MOD, for “Original Multilayer Dessert”. There first store which offers this surprising biscuit-pastry opened its doors in New York, during the end of year holidays, in the Soho neighborhood, in Rua Príncipe, 199between Sullivan and MacDougal.

The recipe for MOD, which stands for Original Multilayer Dessert, is kept secret. ©MOD

“It’s a kind of mix between a cookie, due to its flavor and ingredients, and a brownie, with the presence of a very light fondant inside”explains Gregory Doyen, who says he bases his recipe on a very rigorous choice of products. “We rely on quality products, especially from here. The dairy products are local, the oilseeds from California, the sugar comes from a company in Florida whose production is of exceptional quality. All ingredients – there are 7 in our classic recipe – are original and the result is without chemical additives. “. The result above all is an extremely tasty biscuit, which delivers the full flavor after being reheated for 10 seconds in the microwave (chef’s advice).

“The successor to the Cronut”


Trained in France, at the École Nationale Supérieure de la patisserie (ENSP, today part of the École Ducasse), then at prestigious houses (Le Grand Véfour, Potel and Chabot), Gregory Doyen developed his culinary personality by nurturing multiple influences, namely, by over the last 15 years, through its consultancy business and master class that he wastes. He often created new desserts for his customers. “But now I wanted to create something that would last over time, he justifies. Something less sweet, less greasy, but also more cheerful and colorful. I am constantly looking for innovation.”

His Instagram account, where his creations take shape under the camera’s gaze, testifies to his inventiveness. The New York Times described him as “ the successor to Cronut », created by Dominique Ansel, whose boutique is… a block away. From Californian cuisine to Soho boutiques, MOD revisits American cookie codes.

The boutique opened in the Soho neighborhood of New York. © Jason Greenspan Photography

The unique product, quality guarantee

He arrived in the United States two years ago, attracted by “the grandeur and possibilities of the territory, the country’s taste for French culture, particularly gastronomy”Gregory Doyen believes that pastry exists “ an exceptional future ». This traveler, who has lived and worked in several countries throughout his career (in Macau, Russia, Taiwan), opted for a unique boutique instead of a pastry exhibition. “I am convinced by the unique product, the rest is very complicated to implement to maintain a certain quality”, he explains.

The point of sale looks like a fashion boutique. All in white, in the Soho neighborhood, in its liveliest western part, between 6th Avenue and West Broadway. The pastries are served in beautiful cardboard boxes. MOD will soon offer hot and cold drinks. À la carte, the current 8 MODs will be renewed each month at a rate of one or two. A more advanced temporary creation also completes the offer. And on sunny days, the store offers (homemade) ice cream to take away.

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