In Salon-de-Provence, Kopanou, the participatory grocery store where consumers and producers win

On beautiful shelves, jars, many jars filled with dried vegetables. This is the participatory grocery store that is part of the the Colibri association. A project that Delphine Réau had already carried out in 2008, in Grans and which she postponed. “I wanted to wake him up.”

The principle is here. You have to join for 10 euros. This contribution gives access to the participatory grocery storewith a condition: “You have to agree to help for a month. That could be washing the pots, putting them in bags…”She explains.

This good deed then allows members to benefit from products at low prices, “low margins, but they don’t strangle the producer. The idea is to say that we earn a little from this, to pay the rent, but that everyone will win. will only sell to our members.”

The young lady really wants “imagine a new way of consumption, in solidarity with local producers”.

No waste, as everything will be organized to order. “We already have Tiny Ferme from Lamanon and Claude Nahan from Cornillon who are horticultural partners.”

Opening hours on Tuesday

In terms of products, we can find, in addition to dried vegetables, legumes, savory snack biscuits, or gluten-free cakes, flour from the Grans mill.

Around thirty people have signed up since November 7th, the date of the first opening.

The grocery store will be open the following Tuesdays, depending on volunteers present. Schedules can be found on their Facebook page, the Kopanou. Easy.

And then there’s an opening on Saturday, December 16th, from 11am to 2pm.

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