I baked oatmeal raisin cookies with Jamie Oliver’s new Tefal collection – here’s what I think

Winter is a great time to get inside cookingwhether you want to make classic cakes, cookies or something a little more adventurous.

I cook a lot in my free time and use equipment from different brands, so try this new one Jamie Oliver The Tefal range was super exciting to see if it lived up to my expectations.

The new range includes a 12-hole muffin panhe has pie tina springform cake 20 cm It is 26cmhe has baking tray it is a shaped biscuits.

Each piece has a non-stick coating, which means not only should they look perfect every time, but they’re also super easy to clean, whether by hand or in the dishwasher.

Stefan Kaczmarczuk, marketing manager at Tefal Cookware, said: “We have seen baking become increasingly popular in recent years.

“It peaked during the pandemic, with banana bread and sourdough searches soaring, but the baking boom shows no signs of slowing down. We’re proud to be celebrating 20 years of Tefal and Jamie Oliver this year, so what better time than now to launch our first baking collection?

“We are proud of this line as it is useful, fun and unique, as well as being the perfect addition to any Star Baker kitchen in the making.”

Jamie Oliver, chef, best-selling author and activist, added: “You’ll have so much fun cooking with my new range. From cake pans and springform pans to cookie sheets and muffin tins, the super reliable and easy to clean collection is the baking kit you need in your kitchen. Let’s get inspired and start cooking.”

To celebrate the launch of the line, Jamie shared some of her favorite baking recipes, including gluten-free oatmeal raisin cookies, which I made on the equipment.


100g unsalted butter

100g golden caster sugar

125g dark brown sugar

A large free-range egg

60ml buttermilk

200g gluten-free plain flour

Half a teaspoon of baking soda

100g of grapes

200g gluten-free oat porridge

A teaspoon of cinnamon powder


I started by preheating the oven to 180ºC before lining the baking tray and tray with baking paper. However, I left half of the equipment free of parchment paper because I wanted to test its non-stick capabilities.

I then melted the butter in a pan before combining the sugars in a large bowl, pouring in the butter and mixing well. I then beat the egg in a separate bowl before mixing it into the buttermilk mixture.

The next step was to sift the flour and baking soda before folding and adding the remaining ingredients. I put a tablespoon full of the mixture on the trays, smoothing them slightly, leaving a good space between them.

They then cooked in the oven for 14 minutes before being transferred to cool on a wire rack.

Both the baking tray and baking tray were amazing to use as they were such good sizes to fit many at once, reducing the need to wash lots of baking trays.

I loved the blue color of them as it felt like I was wearing luxurious gear and I’ve always wanted a baking tray in my collection.

The edge of the pan made it very easy to put in and take out of the oven and the cookies didn’t stick to the pan, leaving almost nothing behind when picked up with a spatula.

The little piece of biscuit that was left on the tray was easily washed without scrubbing. I also tested the muffin tray to make cheese and bacon muffins as I always found them inconsistent.

Many muffin pans on the market are either too small or too large for standard cupcake liners and can often turn an odd color after a while.

However, Jamie’s muffin tray fit perfectly into my muffin cups and was a delight to use, cooking the cupcakes properly without leaving any greasy mixture in the bottom of them.

The muffin tray currently sells for £28, the baking tray for £20, the pie tin for £22, the 20cm cake tin for £22, the 26cm cake tin for £26 and the baking tray for £23.

Tefal’s Jamie Oliver range of roasting pans is now available from John Lewis.

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