Here are the 3 best supermarket granolas according to a nutritionist

Not all commercial granolas are created equal… For a healthy and delicious breakfast, here are the best granolas you can choose in the supermarket according to this nutritionist.

Impossible to ignore breakfast: It’s your favorite meal of the day ! Your favorite breakfast? A bowl of crunchy granola with milk or a herbal drink. But now, standing in front of the cereal aisle in the supermarket, you are completely lost: “Whole grains”, “Sources of fiber”, “Without palm oil”, “Rich in vitamins”… It’s hard to navigate all these business arguments. To guide you, registered dietitian and nutritionist Ysaline Benakli scoured the supermarket’s granolas and here are the brands she selected.

The 3 best granolas in the supermarket according to nutritionist

Of course, homemade granola remains the best option for a healthy breakfast. Gold, when you are short on time, you need to be able to choose the healthiest alternative. The first clue that should alert you to the package? The fee of sugar ! “If the first ingredient listed on the package is sugar, this means there is more sugar than cereal in granola“, explains the nutritionist. We therefore avoid all granolas with a sugar content equal to or greater than 20% of the mixture. The nutritionist also prefers granolas with Whole grains, richer in fiber and with a low glycemic index. No supermarket granola is perfect but according to the nutritionist, here are the 3 best options:

  • O “Crunchy muesli blueberry and goji berries“from the Quaker brand
© Quaker
  • O “Crispy oat nuggets“Kellogg’s K Special
© Kellogg’s
  • O “granola chocolate black and salt flower“from the brand Bambu
Bamboo Granola
© Bamboo

These granolas bring together an acceptable sugar level (around 10%)an interesting level of fiber and protein and cereals with a low glycemic index, such as whole oats.

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