French fishmonger and seafood dishes in Barcelona

Gravlax salmon, oysters, boiled crabs, but also Burgundy snails and stuffed scallops: at the Poissonnerie stand at the Mercat de la Llibertat, the French will be able to enjoy their festive meals… and even make the pleasure last all year round.

Photos: Bérenger Cyne

He talks about his products with passion and pampers his customers with carefully chosen pieces. For over 2 years, Alexandre has been offering fine fish and seafood at its stand located in the Mercat de la Llibertat, in the Gràcia neighborhood. “ I’m lucky to have a loyal customer base who comes back every week to buy my products. », greets the Poissonnerie manager. After experience at the Victor Hugo market in Toulouse, Alexandre moved to Barcelona where he worked for 5 years as an export salesman before returning to his main business, selling and preparing fish.

Breton and Norman oysters, organic salmon from Scotland or even sea bream, sea bass and monkfish from the Mediterranean: the French can find quality seafood and fish at Alexandre’s stand, perfect for special occasions or to treat themselves all the time, all year round.

Get ahead of the holidays with ready-to-eat seafood dishes

As in the two previous Christmases, Alexandre offers seafood dishes already prepared for the holidays. “ The advantage of these dishes is that they only need to be placed on the table and they are ready to be enjoyed. », explains Alexandre. The oysters, much appreciated at the end of the year celebrations in France, are already open, which avoids the generally long and painful preparation time. All seafood is prepared by the fishmonger and the cooked crabs are ready to share.

To please your taste buds, you can choose between different compositions offered in the catalogue, available for 2 people. But what should you choose to celebrate Christmas or New Year with seafood? “ The stars of the New Year’s Eve festivities are usually oysters, boiled crabs, whelks and gray prawns on platters. », comments Alexandre. This year, La Poissonnerie also offers two new products much appreciated by the French: stuffed scallops and Burgundy snails, exclusive to Christmas and Kings.

barcelona fishmonger 9527And if you want to taste the products before ordering, you can come and taste the seafood on site, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12pm to 3pm.

To anticipate festive meals, you can order your seafood platters now and collect them on site or receive them at home subject to availability, until December 22nd. After Christmas, seafood platters can also be ordered to celebrate New Year or Kings.

Nice surprise for Equinox readers: a bottle of white wine is offered with every seafood dish order!

Paying homage to fish on your holiday table

In addition to seafood platters, Alexandre offers numerous fish dishes to celebrate the festivities with family or friends.

From perfect appetizer snacks, such as salmon tartare, tuna or scallop, to more substantial pieces of fish, such as sea bass, monkfish or sea bream, Alexandre adapts according to his customers’ dish ideas. “ I know that at Christmas cooking salt-crusted sea bass or roast monkfish is quite popular. Many of my customers also buy fresh salmon that they marinate with salt and sugar to make their own Gravlax. ! » Those less experienced in the kitchen don’t worry: the fishmonger also offers Gravlax Salmon and ready-to-eat smoked salmon.

As for the platters, fish are available to order for the holidays, and for those who are late, it is always possible to go there on Saturday, December 23rd or December 30th, to buy your fish and seafood directly for Christmas dinner or of Christmas. New Year.

barcelona fishmonger 9477But gourmets and seafood lovers need not worry: “ There’s certainly a special order at the end of the year, but I offer seafood platters and fine pieces of fish year-round! » highlights the Poissonnerie manager. Furthermore, if you want to start the year with lots of proteins and minerals, Alexandre offers a 15% credit to spend before the end of January on any order placed in December. Something to start the year off on the right foot!

French fishmonger and seafood dishes in Barcelona – Practical information

Equinox Special Offer: a free bottle of white wine with the purchase of 1 seafood dish + 15% discount to use on your next order before February 3rd

Contact : by phone/Whatsapp 634482132; by email (email protected)

Instagram: @lapoissonneriebcn

From Tuesday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm, without interruption
Saturday, from 8am to 2:30pm.

Party times:
Saturday, December 23rd and 30th: open from 8am to 6pm.

Sunday, December 24th and 31st: open from 8am to 2pm.

Delivery : possibility of delivery to your home upon advance reservation in Barcelona – subject to availability

Address : La Poissonnerie, Mercat de la Llibertat, Plaça de la Llibertat, 27, 08012 Barcelona

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