Fred’s Aux Merveilleux: meringue dough

Come and taste one or more meringue pastries, made with the greatest care To Fred’s Wonderful. Its famous boutique is located in the heart of Bordeaux, on the banks of the pier, between Quinconces and Place de la Bourse.

What term is used for these meringues: “incredible“Or”Magnificent”! What is certain is that they will delight you with every bite. And thanks to the ideal location, you can afford to enjoy these Wonderful while going to water mirror is for docks for an exceptional digestive tour.

Exceptional knowledge

Frédéric Vaucamps, artisan pastry chefTake advantage of your unique know-how and develop your recipes while remaining faithful to your brand: lightness and delight.

Each pastry requires a craftsmanshipa technical mastery that gives it a recognizable flavor among thousands.

Meringue pastry

He likes to share his artisanal knowledge and promote it. From him specialties are made under the eyes of customersin each store, in your open workshops.

Your commitment is daily: to offer quality productsmade before your eyes and cooked throughout the day.

He makes his specialties with ingredients chosen for their quality.

Meringue delights

These small and delicate meringue treats evokes a certain period in French history, that of social life under the Directory. O The Incredibles and the Marvelous, figures of the time, went to salons to discuss politics and economics. But they came above all to be seen, to enjoy sweets and drink tea.

The “Aux Merveilleux de Fred” boutique adorns its interior with a baroque and refined decoration decorated with numerous mirrors and gilding. She is inspired by this historical period.

Fred conveys his passion for the French art of living. Which consists of taking advantage of your time and taste beautiful and good things.

Frederic Vaucamps

Frederic Vaucamps

Originally from northern France, Frederic Vaucamps is a confectioner who left his mark on 80 years revisiting a cake that was dear to him: the wonderful. He customized the recipe by adding a touch of lightness.

In 1997, he chose to name his main cake after his boutique in Lille, giving rise to “ To Fred’s Wonderful “. Your version of Wonderful quickly became an obligation, as did the pottery and Flemish waffles.

Frédéric skillfully combines his traditional knowledge offer high quality products, all in stores that incorporate French elegance.

Stores around the world

To Fred's Wonderful

It is through his passion for flavor that Frédéric Vaucamps wants to share and present his recipes.

Since 2003, Aux Merveilleux de Fred has grown, giving rise to several stores in France. In parallel with these openings into French territory, Frédéric crossed the borders. He established himself several prestigious cities since 2009.

In each country, the products offered remain identical. The objective is that each customer, whether in Toronto, London or Lillecan find the same quality. But also the same magical flavorand above all the same greediness.

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To Fred’s Wonderful


7 Pl. Jean Jaurès, 33000 Bordeaux

Tel: 05 57 83 76 33

Open every day from 7:30 am to 7:45 pm.

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