For a daily vegetarian option in nurseries and school canteens in Hay les Roses!

To the attention of Mr. Vicente Jeanbrunmayor of L’Haÿ les roses,

We, parents of students or future students of Haissiens, are launching this petition to offer our children an additional daily vegetarian menu option.

We hope that our arguments below will lead you to reconsider the municipality’s position.

1) It’s good for the planet

Intensive livestock farming contributes to deforestation. Land is deforested to produce crops that are then used to feed animals.

In the Brazilian Amazon, for example63% of deforestation it is due to creation.

Livestock also represents 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions.. This is as much as the transport sector.

Finally, industrial livestock farming contributes to water waste (the need for a very large amount of water for meat production compared to cereal and vegetable production) and water pollution because it releases a significant amount of pollutants such as nitrates, phosphorus, antibiotics, etc. (1)

2) It’s good for your health

According to the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES), children between 3 and 11 years old eat twice the amount of protein they need.

Choosing the daily vegetarian menu recommended by ANSES and the Superior Public Health Council (HCSP) constitutes an important preventive action for the health of our children and will allow fight against this excess of animal proteins and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer which affect more than 6.4 million French people. (two)

3) Insight received about B12 deficiencies

Vitamin B12 is really essential for the body to function properly. It can be found in meat, fish and milk. In case of a drop in consumption, see elimination of meat, therefore, there is no risk of vitamin B12 deficiency if the child continues to consume fish and dairy products regularly.

For example, for children aged 4 to 12, a bowl of cereal + a bowl of milk + 30g of Comté cheese is enough to cover their daily B12 needs. (3)

4) Misconception about “balancing your diet” by serving meat

The consumption of fruits and vegetables is greater among executives than among workers and, conversely, meat is consumed much more in modest means.

The more restricted the food budget, the fewer fruits and vegetables are consumed.

Thus, social inequalities in terms of food are found more in the consumption of fruits and vegetables than in the consumption of meat. (4)

5) It’s good for your wallet

Savings can be made on one of the most expensive raw materials: meat. Several cities managed to save money in this way. In the case of Lille, for example, the city saves 30 cents per vegetarian meal. (5)

Many cities in France now offer vegetarian menu options 5 days a week.

Here are some examples:

– Asnières-sur-seine

– Levallois-Perret

– Cergy

– Doves


– The canopy

Sogeres, the service provider you use, It already offers a daily vegetarian menu. Among Sogeres’ client cities, Asnières-sur-Seine already offers a vegetarian menu every day for all students.

Several locations have included a daily vegetarian menu in their canteens, why not Haÿ les roses?

6) This meets a very strong social expectation

Today, 67% of the French population is willing to reduce their consumption of animal proteins in favor of higher quality.

Almost six in ten people support the introduction of vegetarian menus in schools, and this proportion increases even more among young people aged 18 to 34 (74%). Finally, one of the largest parents’ federations, FCPE, goes further and calls for the introduction of two meat- and fish-free menus per week in canteens. (6)

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