First look at Dolphin restaurant; a new Vietnamese restaurant in south Wichita

A new Vietnamese restaurant has opened in south Wichita called Dolphin Restaurant. It may be familiar to some people who stopped by his original business called Dolphin Tea, which was located at 3750 N. Woodlawn. The teahouse occasionally served Vietnamese dishes and outgrew its space. So the tea house decided to move into a full-service Vietnamese restaurant and found a 2959 S. Hillside location that houses restaurants like the original Angry Elephant space and Appetite 316.

2955 S Hillside St., Suite 500, Wichita, KS 67216

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Cash/card accepted

I stopped by the Dolphin Restaurant with some blogger friends, where we started with fried beef meatballs and spring rolls. The spring rolls were heavy and meaty; I really liked this. As for the fried meatballs, they really weren’t my thing. It’s not that it was bad or anything like that, but it was a dish that didn’t really please my taste buds. Maybe it was the hardened fried texture that I didn’t like.

My friends ordered the Bun Mam (Vietnamese fermented fish noodle soup) and the wonton soup with pork char siu.

I opted for roast duck soup with egg noodles. It wasn’t on the menu, but it was a special for the day. This dish was incredible. I loved the duck and the big, plump mushrooms. But the real star of this dish, as with most soups, was the broth. It was deeply rich and full of flavor. In fact, I tried the broth in the other dishes and they were all fantastic.

Dolphin Restaurant hits a home run with all the soups.

Dolphin Restaurant

Since Dolphin Restaurant was a Vietnamese establishment, it made sense to try a bowl of Pho. So we all ordered one to split between four guys.

The Pho was very hot; honestly, it was probably the hottest bowl of Pho I’ve ever had in my life in terms of temperature. The broth was so hot that it overcooked the noodles and the meat fell apart. It really took away from the entire experience of the meal. That was the feedback we provided to the restaurant, and they said it was something they were working on.

Furthermore, all the other dishes at the Dolphin Restaurant were excellent. The service was friendly; although a little slow, but it was the opening week.

I really liked what I had and will have to come back again in the future when they improve their Pho.

Here is the menu:

Happy Dinner,

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