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Celebrating Christmas can sometimes be stressful, especially when you have to prepare dinner yourself, but we have 25 easy Christmas recipes.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together our 20 easy recipes for Christmasperfect for those who are not yet culinary experts.

Festive starters and easy recipes for Christmas #

To start your Christmas meal with a gourmet touch, opt for these simple starters.

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Easy Christmas recipes like smoked salmon with yogurt and herb sauce are always popular with guests.

Also think of a lightly spiced pumpkin velouté or a raw beetroot salad dressed with orange and ginger.

Carpaccio-style smoked salmon #

Arrange thin slices of smoked salmon on a large plate. Garnish them with capers and sprinkle with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Sprinkle with pink berries to enhance this simple, elegant dish.

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Potato Blinis #

Mix the grated potato with the beaten egg and chopped chives. Prepare small blinis cooked in a frying pan and enjoy them hot, spreading them with crème fraîche and garnishing with salmon roe.

From starter to dessert, these ideas will delight your guests’ taste buds without much effort!

Our 20 easy recipes for Christmas #

1/ Grandma’s tip for roast potatoes: an infallible and little-known recipe

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two/ Traditional Potato Gratin : my grandmother’s secret that seduces all palates

3/ Recipe revealed: a grandmother’s tureen with 2 salmon will transcend your festive meals

4/ Chocolate mousse by Cyril Lignac : discover your innovative and surprising version

5/ Amazing recipe by Cyril Lignac: fish for an extraordinary Christmas

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6/ Grandma’s secret recipe for this clearly unforgettable apple pie

7/ Trunk transformed into Christmas entrance : our tip for bluffing your guests

8/ Irresistible chocolate mousse : a grandmother’s recipe revisited with 2 surprising ingredients

9/ Revolution in pastry thanks to grandmother: macaroons with an unexpected ingredient

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10/ The mushroom risotto recipe This will change everything you knew about this classic dish

11/ Sweet bread spaghetti by Thierry Marx : a unique recipe that will revolutionize your cooking

12/ Smoked salmon roll with cream cheese : a festive starter for Christmas 2023

13/ Hash browns with rosemary : an excellent and economical accompaniment for Christmas

14/ Discover the tasty Beef with Cheek recipe with carrot, orange and allspice mixture

15/ The delicious leek gratin recipe with seafood: quick and easy

16/ Resurrected bourdaloue pie : enjoy this ancestral gourmet nugget

17/ Infallible tip for crispy french toast : transform your breakfast!

18/ Grandmother’s exclusive recipe: Stewed chestnuts and mushrooms that will revolutionize your dinners!

19/ Crispy pumpkin and camembert pie : an original winter recipe with filo dough

20/ Zucchini Cream with Mint and Almonds grandma’s toast

21/ Prepare a fondant chocolate cake so irresistible that it will always be unanimous

22/ Grilled vegetable wrap : A healthy, quick, on-the-go lunch suitable for small budgets

23/ The mookie, the revolutionary dessert half mochi, half cookie, a must try

24/ Pumpkin soup with curry : A festive and economical soup to warm up your guests

25/ Black bean veggie burger : A healthy and quick treat for burger lovers without breaking the bank

Main dishes #

To delight your guests with the main course, let yourself be seduced by easy Christmas recipes such as oven-roasted duck breast with shallot reduction. Stuffed birds, such as turkey with chestnuts or guinea fowl with dried fruits, are also an essential classic. Finally, revisit the traditional capon with a touch of curry and some diced mangoes!

Duck breasts with honey and spice sauce #

Cook the breasts skin side down in a hot pan and add honey, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of allspice. Let it reduce for a few minutes before serving hot.

Easy recipes for Christmas: capon with curry and mango #

Stuff your capon with diced mango and brush generously with curry powder mixed with olive oil. Bake for around 1h30 in a preheated oven at 180°C, basting regularly with the cooking juices.

Fish and seafood #

If you prefer to opt for the lightness of a fish or seafood dish, you can, for example, make salmon with a flaky crust or lobster tail au gratin in the oven. Let yourself be seduced by a turbot fillet with champagne sauce or an exotic fish rougail recipe!

Sole fillets with citrus and persimmon #

In a frying pan with butter, cook the sole fillets and cover them with a sauce made from citrus segments (orange, grapefruit) and chopped persimmon. Add a few drops of lemon juice to enhance the flavors.

Lobster flambéed with rum, one of the easy Christmas recipes #

Peeled lobster tails browned in butter and flambéed with preheated rum. Serve these delicacies accompanied by creamy rice with sweet spices.

Festive side dishes and easy recipes for Christmas #

To make your dishes even tastier, don’t hesitate to choose a variety of side dishes that will make a splash at your Christmas dinner. Seasonal vegetables like braised red cabbage, tender leeks or glazed carrots will be easy recipes for Christmas.

Homemade Dolphin Potatoes #

Make mashed potatoes mixed with choux pastry, then form balls that you will fry until golden. Delicious with any main dish!

Dauphinois gratin with hazelnut pieces #

Cut the potatoes into thin slices and place them on a plate to gratin with crème fraîche, milk and a few pieces of hazelnuts. Place on the grill until everything is golden brown.

Gourmet desserts #

To finish your Christmas dinner in style, opt for sweet and easy Christmas recipes that will delight your guests’ taste buds. The traditional Christmas log is always a sure bet, whether covered with chocolate mousse, chestnut cream or red fruit coulis.

Tiramisu with speculoos and clementines #

Alternating layers of speculoos cookies dipped in clementine and mascarpone juice beaten with sugar, citrus zest and cubes of peeled clementines. Let cool before enjoying.

Galette des rois with praline, one of the easy Christmas recipes #

(p)Prepare a classic frangipane and add praline powder. Fill two discs of puff pastry, brown and bake according to the traditional recipe. A rich and crunchy dessert for the whole family!

These 20 easy Christmas recipes will allow you to prepare a delicious festive dinner without much effort, while surprising your guests with unexpected flavor combinations.

Don’t hesitate to customize these ideas according to your tastes and desires to make your Christmas meal a unique and delicious moment.

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