Far from pea soup: a Michelin-starred restaurant reveals the richness of Dutch cuisine

There reputation of Dutch cuisine is unfair, insists Isabelle Nelis, who organizes food tours around Amsterdam. “Most people think of heavy dishes or dishes made in winter with mashed potatoes, cabbage, sausage. But there is much more…”

This goes beyond food: the “polders”, these territories recovered from the sea, contain excellent minerals that are beneficial for grape production and the wine industry. champagne It’s growing, she explains.

The Netherlands went from a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants to “24 or 26 only in Amsterdam” today, explains Eric Toner, owner of Bougainville. The new generation has much more tastes refined, inspired by a wider variety of world cuisines, notes. “We went from a small, normal country where everyone eats a big pot of potatoes on the table (…) to a food culture International” he adds.

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