Dolce Gelati: the company that “Uberizes” the rental of Italian ice cream machines

As winter approaches and the first cold weather arrives, the great return of Savoyard raclettes, tartiflettes and fondues. And after a gigantic meal, what’s better than an ice cream to digest it all? But winter is also the return of Christmas films that we watch already knowing the end of the story, but with a good hot chocolate and a blanket on our knees, of course. And hot chocolate is everything an art that Italians master perfectly. If you are used to going to certain brands such as Cora, Les 3 Brasseurs or Stratto, you have probably already tried quality products from professional machines supplied by the company Dolce Gelati, based in Cadenet (84). The manager, Carmelo Nocerais an Italian who, after a career in the automobile industry, decided to reinvent Italian ice cream and hot chocolate and introduce us all to flavors of his childhood. Discovery.

Dolce Gelati, a retrospective of the company’s origins

As we said before, Dolce Gelati is first and foremost the story of Carmelo Nocera who was a car salesman for ten years. Of Italian origin, the memories of the famous Italian ice creams and hot chocolates he enjoyed as a child, made him want to introduce them to the whole world. He then embarked on the adventure of allowing all professionals who wish to offer ice creams or creamy granitas and “perfetti” hot chocolates. For about ten years he has been installing Italian ice, granita and chocolate machines for his customers. Customers who have just voted for Carmelo’s ice cream: best ice cream of the year.

Some Italian vanilla and strawberry ice cream? Photo credit: M Moignet for Neozone

Focus on ice cream and granita machines

To offer the best possible Italian products, it is natural that Carmelo Nocera turned to Gel Matic, an Italian company, for the machines it supplies. With Dolce Gelati you will rediscover the true flavor, the depth of aromas and the subtle texture of an Italian ice cream that will delight young and old. All ice creams are made from natural products such as fresh milk and creams from France and Italy, as well as natural gums and preservatives of plant origin. As for perfumes, you will have to make a choice, but it will be difficult.

An Italian ice cream machine.
An Italian ice cream machine. Photo credit: M Moignet for Neozone

You can, for example, let yourself be seduced by the flower of milk and the six authentic recipes, ranging from classic coffee to decadent hazelnut-flavored spread. If it is rather the fruity aromas that awaken the taste buds, again the choice will be delicate: lemon, cherry, strawberry, green apple, passion fruit-mango, all made from fresh fruit, sugar and water, guaranteed without artificial preservatives or chemical additives. Additionally, the ice creams and sorbets are guaranteed gluten-free, vegan, and the cones are GMO-free. There is also the Dolce Granité version, which offers granitas made exclusively with natural products and with at least 25% fruit, from local organic farming.

Focus on hot chocolate, Dolce Cioccolato

Dolce Cioccolato is an invitation to the pleasure of a delicious hot chocolate with fluid texture and exceptional taste qualities. The hot chocolate provided by Dolce Cioccolato uses the roasting of cocoa beans, as in Italy. Furthermore, the chocolates used are all come from fair trade and have a cocoa content of at least 66%. All chocolates are certified as 100% natural and free from soy lecithin. Seven smooth, mild and more or less full-bodied varieties are available. It ranges from São Tomé in Ivory Coast with balanced and powerful aromas, to Chacana, Cusco, Pablino from Peru, combining strength and intensity, to Porcelana, Occumare and Guasare.

A good Dolce Cioccolati hot chocolate to delight your taste buds.
A good Dolce Cioccolato hot chocolate to delight your taste buds. Non-contractual illustrative photo. Credit: Shutterstock

Let us add to this already well-stocked list high quality chocolates, originating in Venezuela, deliciously scented and fruity. If you have the opportunity to taste a Dolce Cioccolato, it is a sip of Italy and an explosion of flavors and delights that you will experience intensely! Do you own a restaurant, souvenir shop or beach bar and would like to visit Dolce Gelati? To learn more, visit dolcegelati. with. And if you are an individual, know that retailers offer packages of up to 5 liters, which can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months. Think about Italian ice cream for your Christmas meals, think about your guests’ taste buds first. Have you ever tried this company’s sweets? We invite you to give us your opinion, comments or point out any errors in the text, click here to post a comment .

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