Do you know the food with the highest glycemic index? Hint: It’s not the sugar

More the glycemic index of a food is high, the faster the blood sugar level rises (called a blood sugar spike) and the greater the amounts of insulin released. This chain reaction is well known to diabetics, who must monitor their blood sugar levels, but it should also be of interest to everyone who pays attention to their weight, because the more insulin we producethe more fat we store, especially around the waist.

How do we calculate the GI of a food?

The glycemic index of a food is calculated by comparing it with a reference food, such as white bread. We measure the blood glucose level 2 to 3 hours after ingesting the food (more precisely 50 g of carbohydrates from the food) and compare it with the glucose level caused by ingesting the food.50 g of carbohydrates from white bread.

No, sugar does not have the highest GI!

In general, all foods that contain a lot of starch (complex carbohydrate) or glucose have a high glycemic index, that is, greater than 70.

Thus, syrups have a GI of 100, potatoes have a GI of 95, wheat flour and sandwich bread have a GI of 85, soft drinks have a glycemic index of 70. But right at the top of the table we find a food, or rather, a drink. , which we don’t always think of in terms of glycemic index: beer !

In fact, beer has a glycemic index of we learn the Food Observatory ! Because if it is low in carbohydrates, on the other hand it is rich in maltose, the malt sugar transformed from its fermentation, which makes its GI skyrocket. If you pay attention to your body, it is better to accompany your meal with a glass of wine than a mug of beer. And to reduce the glycemic index of your dish, follow these tips from the nutritionist.

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