Cozy place and best price: this app finds the perfect brunch in Paris

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Dogs allowed, gluten-free food, terrace, accessibility, PRM… Yes sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect place to enjoy a late morning with friends. Now it is possible thanks to on the Eggcited website, created by two young Parisians. After having selected your preferencesAll the conditions are met to enjoy the perfect brunch.

“Find an address that suits everyone”

It all started with a study project and now the website has more than 220 referenced addresses. Livia Fressy and Léa Levasseur are two partners who met on the benches of Sup de Pub and École Supérieure du Digital in Paris. “It was a project that was launched as part of a course, where it was necessary imagine an application that didn’t exist“, explains Lívia, one of the co-founders. “When we were looking for a place to have brunch with friends, we passed by plenty of time for the address to please everyone. Plus, planning a date is child’s play. »

Léa Levasseur and Livia Fressy, the two co-founders of Eggcited. (©DR)

The application was released in November 2021, therefore in the post-containment period. A bold bet for those passionate about gastronomy, but it worked, as people wanted to have a moment of sharing around the table. Today, Eccited tells 5,000 in-app downloadsand more 2,000 connections to the website, posted online a week ago. On the menu, brunches of course, but also tea rooms, places to have a snack, or even the best coffee shops in the capital. A search that can be refined according to your location, your budget, your eating habitsor your special needs during your tasting.

A screenshot of the Eggcited platform.
A screenshot of the Eggcited platform. (© Eggcitado)

“We have our own selection, but platform users can also contribute”, explains Lívia. “They send us advice, provide us with addresses that don’t meet all the criteria, and then we moderate those selections. On the restoration side we also offer special support, being able to provide discounts or competitions. The idea is that the presence of restorers on the app and website remains free, with a target clientele around 25 to 35 years old. We also have to adapt to the period, but we do not see a drop in traffic with winter, as our users will come looking for snacks or hot drinks to combat the cold. »

Eggcited currently only offers solutions in Paris, but the concept tends to develop in Lyon, Bordeaux AND Lille. And who knows? Maybe in a few years, during your stay in Brussels, you will also be able to find a good address thanks to the website.

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