“Christmas Cookies and Cakes”, the book selected by booksellers to prepare for Christmas

If you are looking for ideas to make delicious Christmas cookies or cakes for Christmas night, this book was made for you! 8 recipes for the little ones Christmas cupcake and 16 festive cakes such as logs, panetonne, Vacherin, pavlova, star cake to serve on the Christmas dinner

A Christmas book selected by booksellers

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This cookbook is a favorite among Larcelet Bookstore! Check out the review and Instagram post below:

📣Attention gourmands, gourmets and other foodies, Pascale has selected for you THE book to prepare cookies to snack and share while waiting for Christmas. Easy recipes, photographic tricks… Just roll up your sleeves!! Christmas cookies and cakes by Marie-Laure Tombini pseudonym@odelicesin the home of@mangoedição 😋

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The Christmas cookbook, with step-by-step explanations

With this book Christmas Cookies and Cakes, Become a baking professional!I offer a visual learning method on 4 levels: easy, experienced, expert, like a boss. Practice essential techniques for making festive cookies and cakes (dacquoise biscuits, macaroons, Italian meringue, ice cream, diplomatic cream, ganache, Bavarian cream, brioche, etc.) and test your progress by preparing desserts as beautiful as they are delicious yourself.

Gingerbread house, book Christmas Cookies and Cakes by Marie-Laure Tombini, Mango editions

It’s a book that I had the pleasure of creating: I’ve always loved pastry and for several years I’ve been passionate about the different decorating techniques that allow make an exceptional cake in no time!

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The content of the book

Do you love the Christmas holidays and their traditional sweets: mannele, panetonne, Christmas cookies, log, gingerbread house? And would you like to make them festive, beautiful and irresistible? This book was made for you: organized into 4 levels to help you progress according to the difficulties of the techniques and recipes, it will allow you to create countless decorations.

Thanks to the step-by-step images taken for the complex steps, you will be able to perfectly understand the tips for each preparation, each technique associated with the chosen recipe.

Just like you, I like to bake, create and surprise, with beautiful and easy-to-make recipes. You will see that with good bases you will be able to make breathtaking pies! In addition to the decoration, it is the gourmet desserts that I present to you in this book: they have all been tested and approved by those around me.

You can browse the summary of the book Christmas Cakesfor a complete view of the recipes. And here are some photos!

Download the summary in PDF format

This work is organized into 4 levels:

  • Easy: Start with these simple recipes that don’t require any specific technique, but that promise to make a big impact on your guests when you offer them!
  • Confirmed: Now you will make small and large cakes to share, assimilating new basic techniques (almond paste, brioche dough or even French meringue, etc.). You can then move on to the next level.
  • Specialist : Here you are in the big leagues! The praline paste, the dacquoise biscuit or even the diplomat cream will no longer hold any secrets for you once this step has been completed.
  • As a leader:The professional level is open to you. After acquiring all these techniques, don’t hesitate to give free rein to your creativity to create increasingly surprising celebratory cakes!
Royal log with blueberries and lemon, book Christmas Cookies and Cakes by Marie-Laure Tombini, Mango editions
Christmas balls with caramel pear, book Christmas Cookies and Cakes by Marie-Laure Tombini, Mango editions

You will also find advice on the utensils to use, a glossary…

The aim of this book is to teach you to master the fundamentals of pastry, of course you have the recipes for basic doughs (shortcrust pastry, dacquesa biscuit, Breton biscuit, almond paste, French meringue, chocolate mousse) but also creams (cream pastry, chiboust cream, Bavarian cream, etc.) and decoration techniques (butter cream, mirror icing, Italian meringue, macaron dough, etc.). Once you’ve mastered these basics, you can get started and make the most beautiful pies. Discover 23 recipes for small Christmas cookies, brioches and large, ultra-delicious cakes that I prepared for you for this book, desserts that those around me enthusiastically approved! Here are some of my favorites, like Stained Glass BiscuitO Shortbread Christmas ballsthereGingerbread HousethereLog rolled with chocolate moussethereSnowflake PiethereCitrus Pink PavlovaOMacarons for Christmas giftthereGrapefruit and speculoos pieand the hugeRoyal blueberry registryOr Christmas ball dessert with caramelized pear

I hope you like these recipes. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Technical information

Christmas Cakes: collection book Become a baking professional
Launching in October 2023
128 pages, 24 pie recipes, 34 double pages with technical step-by-step instructions, 190×240 format, Softcover, Mango Editions

Panettone: book Christmas Cookies and Cakes by Marie-Laure Tombini, Mango editions

The 2016 edition

The first edition of this book was released in 2016. As a result of its success, we republished the book in 2023, adding the recipe for speculoos cookies!

Book “Christmas cakes, big and small”, by Marie-Laure Tombini, Editions Mango

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