Bulletproof coffee, the most controversial celebrity diet made by nutritionists

Social media is full of tips and weight loss methods of all kinds that promise quick and effortless weight loss. The most recently? Bulletproof coffee, a special diet that comes straight from the United States and is already hated by nutritionists and experts. Focus.

What is bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee, also called the bulletproof diet, is similar to ketogenic diet, which consists of adopting a diet rich in fat and low in carbohydrates. In fact, it is a “fat coffee”, that is, a coffee to which butter has been added.

Dave Asprey, the creator of this weight loss methodwas inspired by the butter tea traditionally consumed in Tibet to invent this drink and praise the merits of coffee with butter and oil. In fact, this American businessman and biohacker assures that the bulletproof diet “stimulates the brain, energy, makes you a better worker, a better father, a better friend and a better person”. Bulletproof coffee would make it possible cut cravings first thing in the morning avoiding blood sugar spikes in order to support a weight loss.

Why is the Bulletproof Diet controversial among nutritionists?

If the bulletproof diet method has had some success in the United States, where nearly a third of residents are obese, doctors do not share this enthusiasm. The diet has also been adopted by many stars who practice ketogenic dietbut also by athletes and biohacking enthusiasts.

However, professionals condemn this bulletproof coffee diet. During the PAF television program, nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen declared: “It’s a load of nonsense! We all agree, there is no nutritionist who doesn’t think the same thing. Everyone has blood sugar spikes. It’s stupid.” Before adding: “Caffeine is a stimulant and like any stimulant, if it’s exciting, it cuts your appetite a little. Fats, when you eat too much, also saturate your appetite.”

The British Dietetic Association even ranked this diet in the top 10 celebrity diets to avoid in 2016, because this weight loss method was considered contrary to health recommendations. Just say that bulletproof coffee diet will definitely not be recommended by nutritionists as a effective method to lose weight !

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