An expert reveals the foods you should replace in your diet to see your pounds soar like never before

Many foods have more or less negative impacts as part of a diet. Therefore, we must make changes so that we do not see our efforts reduced to nothing. To guide us, nutritionist and nutritionist Krutika Nanavati revealed to the American media She thinksthe food to avoid to lose weight and also explains how to replace it.

White bread: the enemy to be defeated!

In France, bread occupies a prominent place on tables. In fact, it accompanies our meals and goes perfectly with cheese to be enjoyed between the hot dish and the dessert. However, Krutika Nanavati explains that white bread is the food to ban from our meal trays. The latter helps to swell the belly due to its high refined carbohydrate content. Its high glycemic index can trigger insulin spikes and promote fat storage in the abdomen, She explains. It also specifies that “the refining process also deprives it of vital fiber and nutrients and therefore white bread does not have the nutritional value necessary for a balanced diet”.

What food can replace white bread?

However, you can still consume it as long as opt for another type of bread. “For a better choice, opt for bread made with whole grains or sprouted grains,” she advises. It is to highlight that “These options preserve the whole grain while providing plenty of vital fiber and nutrients.”. “Compared to white bread, they have a lower glycemic indexthat promotes stability blood glucose and prevents the accumulation of abdominal fat,” she specifies. Furthermore, the nutritionist reminds us that changing a single food in the diet will not be enough to achieve significant weight loss.

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