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Dawning 2023 is back in Destiny 2, and there are plenty of cookie recipes to bake in Eva Levante’s oven. They serve as currency for various vendors and allow you to earn weekly, repeatable rewards. Here are all the recipes, ingredients and rewards for Dawning 2023.

Why You Should Bake Cookies in the Dawn of 2023

After discovering each recipe in Dawning, you will unlock the Masterwork version of Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1. Leveling up reduces the overall cost of each recipe, making them much easier to farm.

All Destiny 2 Dawning Cookie Ingredients 2023

You will need three main ingredients to make cookies in The Dawning 2023:

  • The main ingredient obtained by killing enemies in different worlds.
  • A secondary ingredient that comes from achieving victories and activating skills.
  • Essence of Advent, which is received from every activity.
  • The main ingredients

    Each enemy type in Destiny 2 (except other Crucible Guardians) has a corresponding cookie ingredient that can drop when killed. These drops have little chance, so I’m afraid you’ll have to fight for all of them. Below is a list of each enemy type and the cookie ingredient they drop. Each enemy type – boss, miniboss, ultra, red bar – also has a chance to drop an ingredient of its type.

    • Vex: Vex Milk
    • Fallen: Aether Cane
    • Kabbalah: Kabbalah Oil
    • Hive: Chitin Powder
    • Taken: Taken Butter
    • Contempt: Dark Aether Rod

    Secondary ingredients

    Secondary ingredients drop based on how you kill an enemy, not the type of enemy itself. Secondary ingredients are also more common. Below is an alphabetical list of how to acquire each of them.

    • Balanced Flavors: Kill enemies with a scout rifle, sniper, or bow. Precision attacks are not necessary.
    • Bullet Spray: Kill enemies with submachine guns, light machine guns, or automatic rifles.
    • Dark Frosting: Kill any enemy with Stasis damage from any source.
    • Delicious Blast: Kill enemies with grenade and rocket launcher or grenade launcher skills.
    • Electric Flavor: Kill enemies with arc damage from any Guardian source, be it a weapon or an ability.
    • Final Touch: Kill an enemy with a finishing move, standard or premium.
    • Flash of Inspiration: Generate orbs of light from any Guardian source, including masterful weapons and super abilities.
    • Impossible Heat: Kill enemies with solar damage from any Guardian source, be it a weapon or an ability.
    • Multifaceted Flavors: Kill two or more enemies in quick succession (Destiny 2 considers these to be multiple kills).
    • Void Flavor: Kill enemies with Void damage from any Guardian source, be it a weapon or an ability.
    • Perfect Flavor: Kill enemies with precise damage (headshot or critical point shot).
    • Personal Touch: Kill enemies with a melee attack. It doesn’t need to be an activated ability; any melee kill will do.
    • Pinch of Light: Collect orbs of light from any Guardian source, whether a masterwork weapon crafted or spawned by a Super-Friendly Guardian.
    • Hot Flavor: Kill enemies with swords.
    • Impressive texture: kill enemies with any super ability.

    All Dawn Cookie Recipes

    Nascent cookies travel light years and pass between dimensions to reach their intended recipients. You’ll need 15 Dawn Essences to make one of these cookies, or just 10 Essences once you’ve discovered all the recipes and mastered the oven. If you make a mistake in a recipe, you will receive Burnt Edge Transits, which you can take to Master Rahool the Cryptoarch in the Tower to refund any Essence of Dawn spent.

    For Dawning 2023, you’ll see all the ingredients for any recipe you don’t already have, but we’ve listed them here for completeness. Here is an alphabetical list of each cookie and what is needed to bake it.

    • Oatmeal Raisin Crescent Cookies
      • Recipient: Eris Morning on the Moon
      • Ingredients: powdered chitin, finishing touch
    • Sweet and sour cookie
      • Recipient: Raven at HELM
      • Ingredients: Dark ether cane, balanced flavors
    • Blueberry Crumbles

      • Recipient: Shaw Han at the Cosmodrome
      • Ingredients: Ether Cane, Bullet Spray
    • Shiny, sprinkled snowballs
      • Recipient: Tess in the Tower
      • Ingredients: chitin powder, multifaceted flavors
    • Sweet dead ghost
      • Recipient: Spider in Eliksni district
      • Ingredients: Dark Aether Rod, Flash of Inspiration
    • Chocolate cookies
      • Recipient: Amanda Holliday at the Tower
      • Ingredients: Kabbalah oil, unflavored
    • Classic Butter Cookies
      • Recipient: Eva Levante in Torre
      • Ingredients: Defined butter, excellent texture
    • Dark chocolate words
      • Recipient: The Wanderer in the Tower
      • Ingredients: Butter set, unflavored
    • Waves of etheric cold
      • Recipient: Variks est Europe
      • Ingredients: chitin powder, electric flavor
    • Eliksni bird seed
      • Recipient: Hawthorne (actually Louis the Falcon) in the Tower
      • Ingredients: Ether reed, personal touch
    • Monsieur’s cupcake
      • Recipient: Devrim Kay at EDZ
      • Ingredients: Sugarcane Ether, Perfect Flavor
    • Gallardoodles
      • Recipient: Zavala in the Tower
      • Ingredients: Ether Cane, Delicious Explosion
    • Fogo Cruzado Hot Rolls
      • Recipient: Ada-1 in the Tower
      • Ingredients: Sugarcane ether, balanced flavors
    • Biscuits of Doom
      • Recipient: Petra Venj in the city of dreams
      • Ingredients: Dark Ether Reed, Impossible Heat
    • Infinite Forest Cakes
      • Recipient: Failsafe on Nessus
      • Ingredients: Vex Milk, Impossible Heat
    • Lavender Ribbon Cookies
      • Recipient: Saint-14 in the Tower
      • Ingredients: Vex Milk, personal touch
    • Crunchy Lucent
      • Recipient: Fynch in the world of Savathun’s Throne
      • Ingredients: chitin powder, Perfect Touch
    • Stalwort thins
      • Recipient: Exo Stranger in Europe
      • Ingredients: Dark ether cane, dark icing
    • Strange Cookies
      • Recipient: Xur in Xur’s Hoard Horde or your weekend exotic vendor
      • Ingredients: Butter Set, Electric Flavor
    • Tapioca Telemetry
      • Recipient: Banshee-44 in the Tower
      • Ingredients: Vex Milk, Bala Spray
    • Travelers Donut Holes
      • Recipient: Ikora Rey in the Tower
      • Ingredients: Kabbalah Oil, Flash of Inspiration
    • Vanilla blades
      • Recipient: Shaxx in the Tower
      • Ingredients: Kabbalah oil, spicy flavor

    And that’s all the 2023 Dawning cookie recipes and the ingredients you need to make them. Now you know which enemies to farm and which items, as well as what you’ll get from cooking these goodies. To learn more, check out some of our other articles in our D2 guides hub.

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