Aid for feeding private school students is debated in Saint-Brieuc

The city of Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor) decided to review its aid paid to Catholic Education Management Organizations (Ogec), subsidizing meals for school-age children with private education. Decision taken by the City Council, Monday, June 26, 2023.

Since 2012, families at private schools have benefited from two types of support: €1 per meal in the canteen, and support for the neediest families who contact the municipal social action center. The municipality decided to review this for several reasons: according to him, the aid was not just for Briochin children, for both the richest and poorest families, and in his opinion some Ogecs have a sufficiently comfortable financial situation.

The minority denounces “unequal treatment”

Instead, from September 2023, the city will introduce social assistance for restoration of around €75,000, “dedicated to the establishment by private establishments of reduced rates for the most modest Briochine families”.

Raphaël Le Méhauté, elected by the minority, denounces “unequal treatment”. The same point of view as Bernard Croguennec: “Parents will have less freedom of choice. »

Most deny it. “These conventions simply reshape things”believes Didier Le Buhan.

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