After working in big houses in Paris, this couple offers couture sweets in Menton

Victor Santificetur and Anna Silvia, both from Brazil, opened their brand, Avé patisserie, an exquisite place full of a thousand delights. Having taken up residence in the former Cantinella, rue Trenca, the couple offers unique sweet creations.

A concept of a large metropolis, in the heart of the city of lemons. Bold but ingenious. Hazelnut muffins, airy croissants, mouth-watering original creations. Under the transparent windows of the small rooms, the dishes pose before being devoured. It smells like pistachio and orange. In the kitchen, Anna and Victor have been busy for 4 hours. On the work surface, candied oranges partially covered with chocolate and a thin green layer sprinkled with pistachio pieces. Everything makes you want it. Arranged like rare objects, these unique pieces have the appearance of a trompe l’oeil as their sweet curves awaken the senses.

The loving couple decided to settle in Menton for a more relaxed lifestyle. Victor is Italian-Brazilian and wanted to live close to his roots. “In France, pastry is mandatory. It’s a symbol of gastronomy. I immediately wanted to go there and learn the craft. I worked alongside the best workers and that’s how I started working”, he confides. Anna chooses to stay in Brazil. Geographically separated, it is difficult for the two lovebirds to tolerate the distance.

They therefore meet in Paris. After working in large houses, the experienced duo made their first attempt at moving. “We lived in Perpignan for a year but it was during covid so we moved back to Paris”. After two and a half years, the desire to move again germinated in the couple. With the birth of a child, a change of scenery becomes a necessity.

A better living environment

Catering professions have restrictive hours. “The rush periods are the most complicated. Fatigue, family life, morale. We spent entire days in the laboratory without seeing the sun.”. For them, Paris was not a change of scenery. “We are used to the rhythm of big cities because we come from São Paulo. It’s more complicated to adapt to a small city but that’s what we were looking for. We needed a living environment more suited to our rhythm. Menton is the ideal place.”

Its small facilities are located next to the sea, a location that is as strategic as it is pleasant. “It’s so nice to go out and see this landscape, the green spaces, the calm and the good temperature.”

Demand and quality

After two weeks of opening, some customers are already used to it and come to get their croissant every morning. “Customers are happy to see that everything is made in-house. We want to offer the best.”

At Avé, a little less choice, but sophisticated and perfectly executed delicacies. Piedmont hazelnuts, Menton lemon, homemade pistachio cream. Here the ingredients are carefully chosen to delight the palate of gourmets. “We want to work in short circuit and promote the city through pastry. For the gourmet couple, there is no doubt that it does not offer the best flavors. it is an institution. When we offer it, it will be of quality.”

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