Add anchovy pills to your pantry for a quick seafood supply

Anchovy tablets are just as versatile as bouillon cubes, making them a solid addition to your shopping list. In addition to hearty soups and thick stews, they can be used to flavor quick one-pot dishes or something as simple as stir-fry.

When cooking a dish like spaghetti alle vongole, add an anchovy tablet to boiling water and let it dissolve before adding the pasta. This will infuse the dish with a richer, deeper flavor. You can use one in your pilaf by simply grinding the tablet and spreading it over meat and vegetables while frying them. Use the same method to season fajitas and shrimp.

Anchovy tablets are also useful for degreasing a pan and add the fond (those tasty, golden bits of food that get stuck to the bottom of the pan after cooking something at a high temperature). It would be a shame to throw these pieces away, as they have an intense concentration of flavor that could be the perfect complement to another dish. Instead of scrubbing them, add a little water to the pan and dissolve an anchovy tablet in it. Let the mixture boil while you scrape the bottom of the pan to loosen it. Once it boils, lower the heat and wait for the liquid to reduce by half. Season with salt and pepper and you have a tasty pan sauce.

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